To Chanel or not to Chanel? (sunnies)


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  1. Chanel wrap arounds

  2. Chanel Aviators

  3. Bulgari pendant

  4. NONE save!

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  1. Don't know if this is the right place to post this but feel free to move it mods. Ok Keep in mind i am a guy, everyone i know raves about Chanels sunglasses and i am wanting a pair. I am not 100% as they are expensive both pairs are $420 and i have never spent that much on sunglasses before. where i am and chanels never go on sale (only once have i witnessed it and it was accidental) I have $260 in a department store gift vouchers, if i use this all up i can afford to get one pair, though should i just save for something else (i have something big from Hermes i want to get). the problem is Im SO torn! But i already have Bulgari sunnies i bought about 2 1/2 years ago so they still have a few years in them left. And i want to get a bulgari pendant too.

    I dont know if any of these are authentic but i will buy mine from a shop where i know they are.

    When i saw these on the Chanel site i fell in LOVE, but they are so similar to the bulgaris i already have, it has minor differences. I like that there is no logo and the style really suits me.

    The Aviators, these also suited my face as well DAM IT! i really like the way they looked on me, and i am warming up to the logo. The main reason i am leaning to these is that they are very different to my bulgaris (see below) even though i like the above style more.

    Here are my Bulgaris: (black silver)

    and then Im looking to get this bulgari key chain to wear as a pendant. But is this too logo? (works out $10 more than vouchers) I will be more happy with this as no more money needs to be added.

    So anyway I will feel guilty spending money, when a.) I owe my parents some money but they don't mind when i pay it back just need to get around to it eventually. b.) taking from H fund.
    Keep in mind i do NEED to spend the gift vouchers soon before they expire.
  2. I like the aviators they're so sexy on men!
  3. I think Chanel glasses are made for women just like their purses. So I say, no. I do like the Bulgari pendant though.
  4. personally, not a fan of the pendant and as for the glasses i think the aviators would work fine on some guys. depends on your style.

    I am totally into sunglasses, and to me they are worth the expense. but how about checking out some other brands that are less expensive - I still like the classic Ray Ban aviator on a guy - these are pretty cool, a classic, a bit more understated and less expensive.
  5. Loving the aviators.
  6. I agree. I think these sunnies are a bit feminine......
  7. Chanel Sunnies have a tendency to feel VERY heavy on my face. They even tend to leave dents... ouch!

    That said, my friend has the pendant but it seems a bit smaller on her than in your pic. Maybe there are two sizes? It is showy though, make no mistake.

    You have SUCH impeccable taste, I would keep lovin the sunnies you have, skip the pendant, and find a new little obsession to give you a pick-me-up.

    Just MHO ;)
  8. I really like the Aviators but... you say your Bulgaris can live a little longer and Hermes just drives me crazy so my advice would be: spend the vouchers on the pendant (which rocks BTW!), and don't take away from that precious H fund.

    I love Hermes but I'm currently H-less so I can't bear to see you spend the cash that could go to a beautiful piece of H. Just so that I could live vicariously through you!
  9. Thanks to all your opinions really do mean a lot to me and help my decision (which i haven't made yet argh, stupid procrastinator!)

    Angelfish: Thank you for that complement, I wouldn't describe my taste as impeccable but its lovely for someone to describe you with that word! so the pendant does look showy IRL? I dont want it to look like the next RTT tag.

    MissM: When i get my Hermes which I'm waiting for the store to bing them in and they are taking their time lol (thats the way with H! Although the wait is half the fun) I cant wait the show it off on the forum, it will also be one of my last pieces of H for a while because i want to save for a car! its depressing lol.
  10. Can't lie NM, the piece is definitely a look-at-me! necklace. She tends to wear it with low cut tops and it even distracts from her cleavage! Not easy to say that.

    Don't get me wrong, it's well done. Just a tad showy. Course what you could argue it "shows" is that you have good taste! I find when I wear my sunnies with big names on the side I like to keep my jewelry simple or it overwhelms.

    Oh and DO skip the Chanel sunnies unless you are absolutely sick of your other pair. Mine dent my face in under an hour. The Bulgari's are verrrry nice!
  11. If I had to choose one of those sunnies, I would tell you to get the aviator ones. I have some Chanel wraparound sunnies and they leave marks on my face too :sad: Also, since your Bvlgari ones are quite similar to the wraparound Chanel you liked. Aviator sunnies will always be around, so get the pendant instead. That way you don't have to take away from your Hermes fund, you get the pendant, and maybe some sunnies in the future. :smile:
  12. If you decide to get a new pair, get the aviators!