TO CHANEL EXPERTS: East/West bag.. (Price & other stuff) Please Help!!

  1. Hi, I don't live anywhere near a Chanel store - or any department stores that sell Chanel- so I have a few questions.

    1. Could I call a boutique in either Boston / NY and have them ship it to me? If so, do they charge tax + shipping?

    2. Also- How much is the East / West bag? I heard of a price raise- does anyone know how much it is or it is going to be? I plan on getting it on Dec/Jan.

    3. Do they have Chanel at a Neiman Marcus / Bloomingdales? IF they don't have the style in stock- can they still get it for me?

    4. There's only one size in the East / West- correct??

    Haha sorry if my questions sounded so stupid~ But any help would be GREATLY appreciated! I'm a Chanel noob :sad:

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. East West Classic Flap

    Question # 1 - Chanel always charges tax and shipping (unless they dont have it in stock and have to get it from another store, then no shipping charges)
    Saks does not charge me tax if it is send from a diff. state (I'm in California) i dont know about NM or Bloomies.

    Questions #2: you can check the reference library

    Question #3 : Yes

    Question #4 : Yes

    Hope this helps!
  3. i live in Colorado and when I order something from the Chanel boutiques, they don't charge me tax(no chanel boutique here), just $25 for the 2 day fedex shipping.
  4. In Caviar it is $1395 in lambskin I believe $100 more. Prices are expected to go up Nov1st at least $200 or so.
  5. i agree the price will raise so get now. Just ask the SA if they can waive shipping cost. My SA waive it for me. hope this help
  6. i can help with a few of your questions...

    #1--if you order from a chanel boutique (or Neiman Marcus or other department store for that matter) they will not charge you sales tax if there is not a store location anywhere in your state. just shipping although you can often just ask to have that waived

    #3--all the neiman marcus and saks stores i have ever been to have Chanel, not sure about Bloomies. Nordstrom in Topanga and Minneapolis (and two more-my mind escapes me, carry Chanel too.) anyway, if any other NM or saks in the country has the bag you are looking for they can get it for you, but typically they will not be able to get a bag for you that wasn't ordered by their buyers. hope this helps, good luck getting your bag!!!
  7. the price e/w is now 1395 for caviar. or probably 200 usd more for lambskin. and yes, price will increase around nov. along with all classic styles. so its beter to get it now.
  8. What's the difference between Caviar & Lambskin?? Do they look different?

    BTW- THanks for answering my questions ^^
    If anyone else can answer, please do!!