To Cerises owners...

  1. Just curious...

    Ok...How often do you really use your Cerises Speedy 25?

    Do you find it easy to match with your outfits?

    Do you plan to keep on using it or is it a collectible item for you that you just plan to keep as a collection.
  2. I have the Cerises Sac Plat. I don't use it very often but I plan to keep it as a collector's piece.
  3. I actually just used my Speedy the other day (and I always use my Porte Monnaie Round). I think it's quite easy to goes with quite a few colors and honestly, it's as easy to match as monogram is. But if you wear green, red, black or white, the cherries really stand out :yes:

    So for me, it's a useable collector piece.
  4. ^ Yah, the Speedy is a practical piece where as the Sac Plat is not. I wish they still had the Speedy when I finally decided on a Cerises piece. Grr.
  5. :yes: Usable collector's piece is right. I found it easier to use the cerises speedy when I dress down though.
  6. I have a cerise speedy and the round coin purse. I dont use my speedy that often but I dont plan on selling it ever. It is a collectible piece.

    I find it easy to mix and match the cerise with my wardrobe, I wear lotsa jeans and therefore it is easy.
  7. I have the cerises speedy as well. I find that I use it a couple times a month. I do find it easy to match.....I like to wear it with blue jeans and a solid red top :smile:
  8. i have my cerises speedy, i only use it like twice a month...
    i combined it with simple black jeans and tops or black dress to let the cerises pop :P
  9. collector piece for me. i have used it once. i'm a little weird. but its pretty!
  10. I have used it a few times .... I just think I have too many bags LOL ... I tend to use my antigua all the time , and nothing else
  11. I have the cerises speedy and round coin purse. I use them about once a month. It's pretty easy to match - I usually wear jeans and a red or cream colored top.
  12. I use my cerises speedy a couple of times a week. I find it works great with work and casual clothes. It's the bag I get the most compliments on.
  13. i have the cerises speedy. i use it still a few times a week. when i first got it, i used it every day for a little bit over a year. now i use my mono speedy which i just got in august, because i want the patina to look like my cerises' patina. the cerises speedy is an awesome bag. matches everything, just like the mono speedy!
  14. I just got rid of my Cerises speedy but while I had it, I used it pretty often (esp. during spring/summer months). I think that it goes with pretty much everything and adds a "happy" something to any outfit.
  15. I use mine about 1-2 times a week. Sometimes, I want something more plain, so that's when I'll go back to my mono bags. It's easy to match what I wear because I dress very casually all the time.