To celebrate the end of the year..

  1. Hey guys...
    I posted a thread a while ago concerning the usefulness of the cles. Well, today I decided that I am going to purchase one!! :yahoo: I am celebrating my last year of classes in pharmacy school (just 2 1/2 more weeks to go)!! Next year I am doing my clinical rotations (all over the country..CA, NJ, PA - here I come!) then I graduate with my Pharm.D!!

    Anyway, I was thinking about getting a mono cles to match my beautiful mono speedy 30. But I love the damier so much and the azur!! What is a girl to do? Should I go with the classic, and match my speedy with the mono, or spring for something new and pick the damier or azur???

    Please Help!!

    Thanks! and I look forward to bumping into you guys with our matching tPF keychains as I explore the world my speedy and cles this upcoming year!!

    Oh, and I will def post pics after my purchase!!

    :heart: Laura
  2. Looking forward to your pics and Congrats!!!
  3. congrats! :yahoo:
  4. Congrats on finishing school! I can't even explain how the weight felt like it was lifted off my chest when I finished. I'm no doc like you tho- just MBA for me. I'm so proud of you! Pat on the back to ya and I'm sure you'll look super hot in your lab jacket as a professional! :smile:

    I say go with damier ebony to blend with mono. I am personally EXTREMELY matchy-matchy tho and I have to have a matching cles for each bag so I'd choose mono. Only since being active on tPF did I start branching out and matching different textures and patterns. Love it now.

    I bet most will say Azur since it's so new tho. Any would be a fab choice! Keep us posted!

    Congrats on finishing school- that is such a fantastic achievement!!!!!!!! WHOOO HOOO!!! Post pics of you at grad! Awesomeness!!!!
  6. actually, i say go PERFO to match your speedy. but it brightens things up a lot! orange, fuschia or green (i love the green) will make your bag ready for spring summer!

    and congrats!
  7. thanks everyone!! I am so excited..hopefully I will buy it tonight - the only problem is that there are no LV boutiques in Pittsburgh, only Saks which closes at like 6. I will try my darndest.

    Thanks for all the kind words..I am not graduating till April 08, just done with classes and exams this year - still have a year of clinical rotations..
  8. Can't wait to see what you decide to pick up- if you make it in time!
  9. What about a Vernis Cles?? I have one in Pomme! It is :drool:
  10. Congratulations! I graduated with my Pharm.D. from USP in Philly and I know that feeling of finally making it to rotations. No more exams :wlae: ...until the Boards, that is :push: . But just think of all the purses you'll be able to buy when you're all done!

    My BF got me the monogram cles specifically to use on Rotations! It's especially useful during hospital rotations. I put lunch/coffee money and ID in the cles and kept it in my lab coat pocket. It's so much smaller and lighter than carrying a wallet around the hospital all day long.
  11. SIL just graduated with her doctorate in pharmocolgy. Starting salary....WELL over 6 figures...Buy away friend!!! Enjoy, it's been a long road...
  12. since you're celebrating a great occasion...get both!!!! :smile:

    but if i had to choose, damier azur!
  13. What about groom or perfo? :graucho:
  14. Good for you! You earned it! Can't wait to see what you get.
  15. I think you should get the Damier Azur Cles.