To Carry the Bag or to Wait? Dilemma...

  1. So my DH got me the Speedy Azur 30 for Valentine's Day. :yahoo: We ordered it before the increase and it came in yesterday. I took her out to remove her creases. But I so wanted to wear her today. But I know that IS my Valentine's gift so would you all wait until Valentine's to use her or use her ASAP??? DH asked why I didn't use her today. :wtf:Normally he makes me wait.
  2. Wait - enyoy the anticipation. Me personally I wait every time, if I buy a new bag for my birthday or an other occasion. I can enyoy that so much!
  3. Wait-its only a couple more weeks. Use it for the first time when DH takes you out for VDay! (if any of us married people do that! lol)
  4. well..your DH did ask you why you didn't used her today so i say..TAKE HER OUT!!

    but i have no patience ;)
  5. I would enjoy her ASAP. Congrats! It's a beauty!
  6. No question! TAKE HER OUT!!! lol Congrats by the way!
  7. I say take her out too!
    You don't want your DH to feel bad you haven't used her yet. :graucho:
  8. I usually wait a couple weeks/months before using a new bag anyway, so i would wait. I get enough satisfaction looking at it and knowing i have it in my closet
  9. yes, i'd wait to use it on v-day. the anticipation will be huge, making it much more special!
  10. I would wait for V-day, this way you feel like he really got you something that day
  11. I would wait vor V-Day; it's not much longer... and it's like getting the bag in it's package delivered a second time!
    Regina :tup:
  12. I think it'd be more special if you waited to use it on V-Day. Your DH is such a sweetheart! :love:
  13. I would use it right away but that's because I'm impatient & plus I don't want my bf having hurt feelings teehee :wlae:
  14. Wait for a few more weeks, it is fun to enjoy them by "just looking" before wearing. And using it on V day will make it an even more significant event. Congrats on a wonderful DH!
  15. I agree!!

    I know it's easy to say when we don't have our newest baby staring at us from the closet :p But I think you'll be twice as happy when you take her out for the first time on the 14th (or other day when you celebrate) and you're all fancy and dressed up with your DH on your arm ;)
    Congrats on your new speedy!