To Carry or not to carry...that is the question!!!

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  1. I posted this question earlier in a thread, but I want to get as much info as possible...

    Do you guys have one specific bag that you carry everyday??? Or do you put your Hermes away at...let's say...nights, to sleep on her pillow?:wtf:

    I have a 32cc HAC Fjord Marron Fonce and I am in LOVE with her! But am I supposed to let her rest? My DH said maybe I should give her a break so she keeps looking perfectly new! He's really cute about things like that...:love: it wrong with this type of leather (fjord) which seems VERY keep her out all the time...have any of you had this leather and have it start to look really bad??

    I mean I WOULD never set her down in an icky spot or walk through the rain, but what if I had to leave her in my truck...and it was hot out...will the Florida heat pose a problem to her shape & leather...or am I supposed to carry her EVERYDAY...that's what I want to do!!!!!!:hysteric:

    Anyway, any advice is welcome...I take VERY good care of any belongings, but should I let her "rest on her pillow" at night and take all my stuff out??

    Sshhheeessshhh....I sound like a crazy person!! Anyway, suggestions! Oh, and I am not planning on selling her...EVER!:upsidedown:

  2. Since this is already covered and posted in another thread, I am going to close this one. Thanks ladies!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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