To Canadians: New runway clothing at selective winners stores

  1. Has anyone heard of this? I saw it on friday fashion on city line this week, it was just amazing!!

    They said 20 selective Winner stores across canada will feature designer runway clothing for low prices.
    They had some of the clothing on the show as well, some really good deals!

  2. I saw that on Cityline as well. It looks pretty interesting. I will be really surprised to see what designers they will actually carry. Winners is really hit or miss for me. I usually luck out with shoes or home decorative pieces but have not really found any spectacular clothes there. I can't wait to see what this department will offer.
  3. I love Winners, but you have to have lots of time to scrounge around those racks, man.
  4. Oooh, really? I wonder what designers they will have? I usually don't like to shop there, there's just so much stuff to dig through.
  5. I don't know what designers either, they weren't allowed to mention them or something on the show but I did hear the stylist (I think) mention how they were big names, she kept saying she wishes she could tell the viewers but that they're like totally up there, major european and italian designers.

    I love winners on the other hand, you can find some great buys if you just have time to look and go through the racks. It's going to be on March 8th and at the selective stores (two or three in Ontario) so whoever checks them out let us know what you find because I don't think I'll make it.
  6. The stylist is ALWAYS like that though. I used to enjoy cityline but not the constant blabbering of the host and the stylists makes it unbearable. I don't trust anything she says, her "italian designer" is probably marciano. :p
  7. Not mine! O-town never gets anything. :/

    ^Heh, yeah. I'm skeptical myself.
  8. I totally agree, thats why I hope whoever checks it out lets us know whats -exactly- there : )
  9. ^ I'll check it out eventually. The one on Bloor and the one off lawrence and bayview have it as well as the College one, which normally has designer goods anyways...they have Pucci and Theory and other names anyways..I guess now it will be more organized and not jumbled with the other stuff
  10. ^ pucci scarfs? Really the vancouver one has nothing.. nothing... the best thing i found there was a pair of sz 32 R & Rs
  11. Hey-I checked out the Yonge/College location today.

    I picked up a pair of coach sandals

    It was fairly well organized-though I dont know how long it will stay like that-they had coach, pucci, theory, gucci, juicy etc.
  12. the vancouver one had lots of stuff but nothing that i really liked. I picked up some c&c tanks for cheap
  13. I was at the Toronto Bloor location yesterday and was extremely disappointed. I was there around 4:30 pm, so perhaps because it was premiere day the stock went fairly quickly. But they really had nothing. The selection was not very good and there really wasn't that much merchandise.
  14. Winners is always 'miss' for me. I'd rather go to the Gap or buy on sale at Holt Renfrew. I never find anything at Winners.
    When you say "stylist" do you mean one of the guest fashion "experts"? Are you talking about annoying Lisa (who really isn't an expert at all, she's just a good friend of Marilyn Denis) annoying Sandra or nice Lynn?
  15. Awwwww it's a shame to hear that. Well, at least we know how it went.

    Lynn was on the show when I saw them talk about winners and have a fashion show showing some of the items.