To Call or Not Too Call (the seller)...Need opinions!

Last weekend I jumped the gun and bid & won a Goyard tote. The seller had 100% feedback (almost 600 feedback as a Seller) and not knowing much about Goyard, it looked good to me at first and I relied on the Seller's positive feedback. The more I reviewed the photos of the tote, the more I thought it looked like a fake. I questioned the Seller about the authenticity, explained my concerns and asked if she could provide proof of authenticity before I mail out my payment. (She only accepts personal checks or money orders.)

I received no response. I made 2 more attempts at emailing the Seller through Ebay and again, no response. This took place over a week's time.

Saturday morning I got an email saying "call me today between 10am-1pm." I chose not to call b/c I would prefer to keep everything in writing and things just don't seem right with this whole deal. I figured I would send her an email Sunday night. Well today (Sunday morning) I received another email with the same thing "call me today between 10am-1pm". I have to be honest, it's kind of pissing me off that she's telling me to call her in such a small time frame and the fact that she won't answer my questions via email.

Would you guys call this Seller? Or would you keep things in writing through Ebay?
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May 12, 2008
I agree that it's weird that she won't respond through e-mail, but it might just be easier to go ahead and try calling. I've found there are so many weird people on ebay that sometimes they're weird because something's up, and sometimes they're just weird.
If this person doesnt accept PP stay away! If it turns out the bag is fake you will have no other recourse. HTH

For some reason, I thought she accepted PP when I placed the bid. I normally don't bid on anything if the Seller doesn't accept PP. The fact that this Seller accepts PP for the other items they sell is another thing that concerns me. And as you mentioned, I'd rather get negative feedback than be screwed out of $$$.


Fana des chausseurs
Jul 7, 2008
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The seller can dispute the item, and you may get a NPB (non-paying bidder) strike - but honestly, one of those is better than being scammed out of money!

And it does sound very fishy to me.
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LV Rawks

Jun 9, 2006
Midwest USA
I agree, I would rather get the NPB strike than be out the money. I don't think that I would want proof of authenticity, what is she going to provide you over the phone? I would back away from this one.
Jun 25, 2008
Follow your gut. Do what it tells you to do. You could let it go or, if you're really interested and think you can get authenticity proof from this person that would ease your mind, send her an email telling her you can't call her and to please reply via email.
Just wanted to thank you girls for your advice. :smile:

I told the seller I would prefer to keep things written and through Ebay for "her protection and mine". I continued to request proof of authenticity, like if she knew where the bag was purchased and if she had a receipt. Her responses were quite nasty and angry. Her attitude was that I bid and won, so I was bound to that contract regardless and that I should have asked these questions prior. In hindsight, yes I should have asked those questiosn first, but if the bag was real, it should have been no problem to answer my questions. I should add that at no time did I ever say I wouldn't pay for the bag and had she somehow proved to me that the bag was authentic, I would have gladly mailed her a check. BUT she never once tried to answer my questions or ease my mind in regards to the bag's authenticity, which is another red flag. Instead she accused me of being a dead-beat bidder, amoung other things and filed a dispute.

She closed the dispute and I received a NPB strike.

I appealed immediately and Ebay removed the strike immediately. :tup:

Thanks again girls! Lesson learned! ;)