To buy or not to by ...

  1. no pics?
  2. i like the second one better. i don't like combo bags in general - except when it's just piping or a different colour lining or something. but not a fan of bi- or tri-colour bags. the first one also looks like it would be hard to combine with clothing.
  3. I really love that first bag! I spotted it also and have been drooling over it.
  4. I too like the second one better~ I am not a big fan of multicolor bags. Good luck with your decision and your new purchase:yes:
  5. To me, it all depends on what you already own-

    If you already have a few great staple bags, then go for the tricolor as it is so unique and beautiful, and will be a wonderful addition to your collection.

    If you don't have a good staple yet, then definitely the second bag as it will take you more places.

    Either way- you end up with a beautiful kelly! Win/win!
  6. Oh, the #1. Beautyful Kelly-Kelly.
    The second is kind of...sporty, too bold? (for the lack of better word)
  7. I am not a fan of multi-color bags with the rare exception of something like black box with a colorful interior. I think its a lot of money to invest into a bag you wont be able to carry very often.
  8. I LOVEeee tricolor, and that particular color combination is REALLY nice!!If I were you , I will chose the first tricolor kelly.
  9. It is my first thread, and i am so exited to get every single reply !!!! Thank you !!! :heart:

    As for the bag i havn't decided yet !

    I've already have Gold Togo Birkin 30, Rouge Vif Ardenne Kelly 32 and im currently bidding on Black Clemence Birkin 35 ( im sure i get it ). Thats all !!! So i want some bright one to color up my days. These are bags that draw my attantion:


    + two bags i've posted before. What do you think ?

    Last night i was looking through STARS AND HERMES thread. And noticed no star, exept VB ( beautiful 3 color) and Fergie, wearing combo. Why so ? :confused1:
  10. i tend to like the bags that are not combos as it is easier to wear and match. so i vote for the 2nd kelly
  11. I vote for the second green kelly or the orange one! Good luck with your choice.x
  12. oh how lovely that tri-color is. ! and i think it is also very wearable as the colors are very coordinated
  13. I like both but they are a bit loud for me so whatever you like is the best choice!
  14. hello, getoveragain:smile: I love tri colored Kellys. Saw the one you posted and have drooled over it, but, like some other responses, could not figure out how to work it into the colors that I wear.

    If you can do that, then go for it! My fav of the two on eBay you posted is CDL's sable Kelly in clemence. That Kelly just looks so soft and wearable and I've been tempted but have not bid as the color is, again, not quite right for me. If you decide to buy it....we'd all be very excited for you:tup: