To buy or not to buy...

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  1. I've just got myself a Chanel boy in black caviar and is totally on a roll! Then I saw this baby and now I'm thinking if I should get this too... Clearly obsessed I know. But has anyone on tpf got this bag? How do they wear? And which size works better? Any advice will be much appreciated! x
  2. lots of people have this style bag or wallet. check the general Chanel forum.
  3. I have this bag in both sizes in two different colors. I love this bag and it is super darling. I love how it looks like the classic flap bag and I love the chevron pattern with the gold hardware. I think it is a personal preference as to which size you like. Of course, the bigger size holds more items. I'm petite but I generally love the bigger size one because of functionality.
  4. Omg I may have just bought this bag... Thanks to brexit and the plunging £. Feel terrible for the Brits tho. But alas I bought the bag at an unexpected discount!
  5. Which colour did you get yours in? Mind sharing some photos? :smile: Pretty pretty please...
  6. I was looking for photos and reviews on tpf but can't seem to find any... would you mind putting the links here? Thanks in advance x
  7. I have the small size and I love it ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466868386.965597.jpg
  8. @samch this bag is beautiful. Do u mind sharing the price? Also does it feel delicate or durable? Thank you!
  9. The bag is really soft lambskin but as its distressed I don't think it will show any scratches up like a normal lambskin would , I don't feel like I need to baby it ,I paid £1630 for it
  10. There is a nice unboxing of one here , hers is in the next size up to mine if anyone is interested

  11. I love the colour on yours!!! How does it hold up to colour transfers though? I think I'd prefer the bigger one since I tend to carry a bit more...
  12. I don't know as I've just got it and have not used it yet , I will be sticking to wearing it with light colours to avoid colour transfer