To buy or not to buy...

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  1. DH got the call every H addict hopes for...a Birkin just came in! I made an appointment to go see it on Saturday, and although I'm excited, I'm nervous too since I should be on ban island! All of my H bags have been purchased within the past year, and I know I should slow down. But how do you turn down something that sounds so right for you?

    I was offered a seasonal color (SA described it as a bright green), in 30cm (the perfect size for me), togo or clemence leather (which I want since it'll be more durable than the Barenia and Tadelakt I already have) sounds so right for me! Now of course there's a chance I'll end up not liking the color when I see it IRL, but thus far it sounds amazing, and I feel very lucky to even be offered this because this is a totally new relationship with a US SA (I've only bought bags in Paris thus far).

    If I buy this, I know I'll still want more- I'm really dying for a classic bright red B or K with GHW. So it's not like I can buy this one and call it quits :P

    Advice? Would you take it? Buy it and return it if you change your mind? Pass on this and hope to get something you'll love even more? Use the money to go to Paris and shop there? Lol.
  2. Difficult to know how you are going to feel about it until you see it, touch it and carry it. Go with an open mind and you may be pleasantly surprised.
  3. Hmmm bright green? I would have my hopes set on it being bamboo! Did your SA mention whether it will be PHW or GHW? Personally if I had the funds and knew I could still get that classic B/K when it turns up then I would go for it (especially if it is bamboo) - but I'm sure once you get there and try it on you'll know immediately.

    And any trip to Paris would be wonderful - lucky for me its a 3 hour train ride away. If you don't end up loving it maybe you can persuade DH into an impromptu trip instead! :biggrin:
  4. When she said bright green, I thought of lime lol. It'll be interesting to see what it is! I didn't ask about hw since I don't really care either way. I wish Paris was only 3 hours away! Thus far, we're planning to go in the spring/summer, and of course I'll be looking for more bags :graucho:.
  5. How fabulous to be offered something that seems so perfect for you! You seem so excited about this one so I would definitely go try it out in the boutique. If you love it as much as you expect, but all means, purchase it! Should you have buyer's remorse, I doubt you will have any problem selling it or returning it. One thing we all know for sure is that there is so much to fall in love with at Hermes and for all of our good intentions, ban island is quickly forgotten when we get THAT CALL! Good luck! Can't wait to hear what you decide!
  6. Ohh a tricky one. I know exactly how you feel. I can only say what I'd do if I was in your situation. I would go and have a look first, if I fell in love with it, no question I'd get it. But if I have the slightest doubt for whatever reason, I'd pass no matter how hard it is to do so. (I personally would bring DH for moral support and physical strength to drag me out of the store. lol)
    Bright green and seasonal colour sounds like Bambou to me. And if it's with GHW.... honestly, very best of luck to you to walk away from it. :biggrin: It'll be Stunning!
    Another thing too and please don't get me wrong on this, even if you really love it, you must feel comfortable financially to make the purchase, or risking regrets later on.
  7. Only if you want/need a bright green bag.....
  8. bamboo!? see if you like it and if it is going to be used.
    Paris became very difficult, even Parisians complain... maybe as a tourist you will have luck though. i would not count on it though. do you have a SA in Paris who knows you well?
  9. Bright green for this season should be bamboo!! My SA mentioned this color to me also a few weeks ago.
  10. Thanks for all the input! In regards to Paris, I've bought my B,K, and C from my Paris SA within the past year. I adore him, and he's come up with some nice goodies for me, so I feel very comfortable going to purchase from him. I'd even pay more just to buy from him instead of someone else here. But of course with stock being so unpredictable, there's no guarantee I can get exactly what I want when I want it.

    If the bag turns out to be bamboo, I will most likely pass since I'm actually not that big of a fan of bamboo (but I have never seen it IRL). I'd actually like something brighter :P
  11. I think your SA may be referring to 'Bamboo' which is the latest seasonal color. You should see it before making any decision. It is a bright happy green and it can be year around. You're lucky to be offered one but then it has to work with you. It is a lot of money to consider but I think this color goes beyond seasonal though.
  12. You don't think bamboo is bright? It's like a neon green with bright yellow undertone.
  13. Exactly...^:smile:
  14. I think it's even brighter than a bright red!
  15. From what I've seen on tpf (which is limited), it doesn't look that bright to me, but perhaps my opinion will change when I see it IRL. Compared to RT, BE, etc. bamboo just didn't wow me.