To buy or not to buy????


Jan 13, 2012
Coachie3 said:
I'm kinda hesitant because I have no arch to my feet which causes flats to look weird on me:sad: I wonder if having them stretched would help??

My feet are flat too. No arch. Coach flat give me a blister on the back. That the reason why i stop buying the flats.
I even trying wearing a bandaid and stretching them out. I swore it made my blister worest


Mar 14, 2011
Im a Coach shoes junkie..i said BUY BUY BUY..haha :P i tried on the brown one n its very comfy but i dont want to get the brown cos i already have the Cecile so i tried to order the Denim n Multicolour, sadly sold out of my size but they do have some sizes left for the online customer...u will never go wrong with Coach flats, i have wider feet n Coach shoes really fits me well, very comfy..go for it since its still on sale...i heard my store told me the shoes sale is going to end pretty soon..HTH :smile: