To Buy or Not to Buy...


Sep 13, 2005
All this talk about Balenciaga has made me consider buying one. Aloha Rag is a 10 minute drive away, so I might go ahead and check them out today or tomorrow. What is a good size for an everyday bag? Also, what is a good color? I think I want a nice white bag, how is the Balenciaga white? Also, can someone fill me in on what makes these bags so popular? Is it just the style, or is the leather superior or something?

What is the most popular style, and if possible, what is the price point? Thanks in advance :biggrin: I'm pretty clueless about this brand:idea: Someone pls sell me on getting one!:lol:
I'm in the same boat as you, but no Aloha Rag minutes away! I personally like the Purse, First, and City in Cognac or black. But, I'm looking for a everyday not so flashy bag.

Could you let me know if they have those there? I'm on the waiting list, but you never know.

Good luck Noriko :biggrin:
^^^If I go I'll make sure to come back with a full report :biggrin: Does anyone have pics of these bags? Or do they kind of all look like the ones Nicole Richie has been wearing?
i like the first (although a little small) and the purse (better for everyday) the best. as for color, i love my pewter, but i also am dying for one in burgundy and pink. i love the leather is so lightweight. let us all know how it goes, good luck!
Balenciaga bags are so lightweight. I really like the style and the colors are amazing. The white is very nice, though high maintenance. I personally like the "twiggy" style because you can put many things inside without it looking so bulky. Others swear by the "city" style.
I have the First and the City. I think the first is great if you dont have too many things to carry. But personally I would suggest the city for everyday. It looks great regaurdless of how many things you have in it. You can also take the strap off and carry it on your shoulder, tote style. As for the leather it is to die for. It is sooooo soft and light! Loganz was saying that apple guard is fantastic for light color b-bags, so if you prefer white, it sounds like the way to go. For me, I definetely want a white city or I really like the cornflower. But which ever you choose I'm sure you will love it. Keep us posted. Im excited for you!!
As you probably read, I just received my first B-bag today. I, like you was not really feeling the bag. Now that I have it, I am sure I will become a Balenciaga addict! The leather is so soft, I could sleep with it!!
Oh Noriko! so jealous! I am also in the same boat and looking to buy my first b-bag. I am debating between getting the City in either pink, cornflower blue, ink or cognac. Let me know what you think of the colors in person! And have some fun for all of us! Can't wait to hear what you think of the b-bags.:love:
Balenciaga bags are great! Let us know what you decide. Since I have the different styles, I'll let you know what I use them for:

First - Very few things and good for going out at night or from day to night.
Box - Wider on the sides than the First so you can put in more things and a great size from day to night.
Twiggy - My everyday stuff and for travelling. Looks smaller than the city and excellent for petite people like me.
City - My everyday stuff and when I need to put more things than in the twiggy.
Work - Travelling and to carry my laptop. Sometimes, I also use it for the gym with small sneakers, small towel and lightweight gym clothes.

Hope that helps.
Thanks everyone! I will have to go ahead and check them out sometime this week :biggrin: I am leaning toward the city from all the descriptions. I'll probably call Aloha Rag after class to see what they have. Does anyone know if they keep the bags well stocked or if they only have one of each and therefore the floor model needs to be purchased? I don't really like how they hang the bags on the wall. In any case, hopefully I fall in love when I get there :biggrin: I've been in there a few times before, but I was mostly looking for paddingtons.
^^^Some of the threads I just read have been a bit discouraging though lol, I really wanted the white City if any but it appears that they don't have anymore. Maybe the rose color has some potential. I hope they have SOMETHING I'm interested in there lol.