To Buy or Not to Buy?

  1. Dear Tpf-members,

    Would you buy (expensive) merchandise from an eBay seller that in past has refused to answer a few questions regarding the object they were selling at that time? From a seller that has also refused to take two! additional pictures to further prove the object's authenticity?

    A seller that, although he/she belongs to an anti-counterfeit group, is now accused of selling mirror image replicas? A seller that, in a very short time, has garnered four 0 feedback, because of selling replicas among their other possibly authentic merchandise?

    Wouldn't you get suspicious, if the seller after concluding an auction with Bin immediately re-lists the same item? The same object, with the same pictures, but a slightly shorter and less comprehensive description? Is it now the same object, or its identical twin?

    Would you? I am not sure.
  2. I wouldn't. Even if the item was authentic, if the seller refused to answer my questions and won't provide more pics, then they don't deserve my money!
  3. I do not buy if seller does not answer questions fully and frankly.
  4. If they can't answer my question, no. I walk away. Whether it's pictures or stating on their auction that they don't answer questions.
  5. One of the best bits of eBay advice I ever saw was something posted in their forums to a newbie, it was basically, whatever it is, there will be another one.

    After many years using eBay regularly, I have found this to be the case. If you have as many red flags popping up on that seller, and especially if it is an expensive item, just get the item from a different seller. There will be another one!
  6. I would not buy it.
  7. Absolutely not.
  8. No, I would not. The bad communication is a big warning sign, in my experience all good ebay sellers answer questions, at least if they are normal & polite questions. If suspicious, stay away - as stated above: you will find another.
  9. No.
  10. no. i know there is the temptation that there won't be another one, but like shimmapuff said, there will be another one.
  11. No I would not even pay the seller the time of day!!.. Now with that said may we know who this seller is?:flowers:
  12. no
  13. NO !!!! It's such a big risk for your own $$$ !!!
    If a seller is sincere, he/she would at least be willing to answer your questions !

    As a seller myself, I cherish every single opportunity to communicate with my bidders/potential buyers, rather than ignoring their emails .
  14. No way!!!
  15. No. If I had that much hesitation over a seller then best not to.