to buy or not to buy?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    A friend of mine is selling two of her chanel bags and asked if I was interested and I might be, but I need your help deciding. They are the black patent secret label flap that retailed for $1995 and the light pink non-quilted caviar WOC (anyone know when this came out, how much it retailed for and if it ever went on sale and how much it was on sale for).

    I could potentially purchase the black patent secret label flap for $1200 and the WOC for $600. Is this a good deal? I never bought a used bag before so I don't know if I can find better deals on ebay. I tried to search on ebay using the advanced search feature for completed listings and I found the same WOC, but in different colors that sold for $550 (very dirty) and $611. I couldn't find the sale price for the secret label, but I read on tpf that it was on sale for $1,000.

    I'm not feeling the secret label, but I was thinking who's really going to look at the bottom of my bag. Otherwise, everything else about the bag is perfect. The last threads created asking for tpfer's opinions on the secret label flap was around 2008 and most of you didn't like it because it was tacky etc. So now in 2010, is the bag still considered tacky? Should I get it or pass? And how much would be reasonable to pay?

    As for the WOC, is $600 a bargain since light pink isn't really a classic color? Or should I just scour ebay/bonanzle and find a better deal?

    i found some pictures searching on tpf and the links are below. These are not the actual bags.

    Black Patent Secret Label pictures (not my pictures, taken from previous TPF threads):

    Pink WOC (not my pictures, taken from previous TPF threads):

    Thank you everyone in advance!!! :biggrin:
  2. Hi,

    I have not seen the secret label flap before, but I do find the big Chanel label at bottom of the bag abit tacky, as I find that patent is already quite loud itself, jmho. :P

    As for the Pink Cavier WOC, its lovely! I would get it if I'm you.

    Good Luck in whatever you've decided to buy. :flowers:

    P.S Just curious, why your gf is selling off both bags? Getting new ones perhaps?
  3. I like the secret label hah...i think its fun!

    The woc is a classic, and I think a lot of people purchase pink chanel. If you like it, and think you can use it, I say get it (dealing with ebay and authenticity can be a huge hassel, if it can be avoided...avoid)
  4. I think both bags are lovely! 2 bags for $1800 is a great deal.
  5. I think the secret label looks a little tacky and personally wouldn't get it. The WOC, though, is darling and I would snatch that up in a heart beat!
  6. I don't think you would be able to find a better deal on these bags. But, if you are not really really feeling them, it's not worth it even if it's a steal. It's always best to put your $$ towards bags you love.
  7. I'd get the woc and pass on the secret label if I don't love it
  8. i like. buy
  9. Both seem like good deals to me.

    I'd get the pink WOC for sure but I think Secret Label seems little "too much" for me too.
  10. thanks everyone!! i decided to get the WOC. i'm passing on the flap. i can't get over the secret label part. sigh, why on earth did chanel create such a thing!