To buy or not to buy...

  1. Hi! I have been looking at a few MJs on eBay and noticed that a few of them were final sale items from department stores. These bags have metal studs on the interior lining on the pocket. The sku # is also written inside. By any chance, has anyone bought an MJ in this condition (although brand new)? Does the stud "damage" the bag with long term use? What do you think? Any experiences?
  2. hello! from what I've seen, the stud is very small and not bothersome and doesn't damage the bag. As far as the sku#on the inside pocket, they are all different. I would request a picture of both things (close-up) to make sure that they won't bother you! HTH!
  3. The stud is to identify a refurbished bag. I purchased two bags with these studs and I would not know they were refurbished had it not been for the stud.

    The stud is permanently affixed to the bag. It does not cause damage. HTH!
  4. I have seen a few bags at Nordstrom Rack that have a stud inside, usually doesn't cause a problem. As far as the SKU #, ask for a picture of where it is. I think most of these bags come from a Nordstrom outlet called "Last Chance". I've bought a lot of bags there for great prices! They all have sku #s in them so you can't return it back to Nordstrom for full price, they are usually inside a zipper compartment so it isn't noticable but some are written just below the label or some other place that is obnoxious and would bother me.
  5. ^^ Thanks ladies for the great advice!:biggrin:
  6. i've purchased bags off ebay with the rivet and/or the sku number written in the interior pocket before. it never bothered me and i didn't encounter any quality issues. as long as the exterior looks good and the interior isn't dirty, i'm a happy camper.
  7. I agree, I've never had any problems with the Last Chance bags. The stud and sku don't bother, esp when the sku is written inside the interior zip pocket.