To buy or not to buy?


Jan 15, 2006
Hello Ladies,

I have been battling over this for quite some time now, should I buy the coral valentine's purse or not?

I fell in love with the idea of a Valentine's purse back in August when the SA helping me told me she had a cute purse for someone young like me. I still love the idea of the Valentine's purse but it will wipe out my savings (this is purse/clothing/shoes savings, don't worry I have money for my, rent and food!)

I am eighteen years old so I have not been too worried about being too old for it but I am wondering if it's a smart investment/purchase. My current collection consists of three jumbos (navy, red and black) and a WOC. You may see photos of it here:

Here are some reaons why I feel I shouldn't purchase it:
- I am feeling the purse doesn't really suit me, I dress 'mature' for my age, alot of 3.1 phillip lim, rebecca taylor, nanette lepore, teenflo... The purse seems like something Paris would carry!
- It's very seasonal
- It would wipe out my savings, no money for spring clothes
- I still have a few other purses on my wishlist (225/226 reissue and a cerf)
- Chanel is a classic brand
- Not very high fashion, more cutesy

Reasons why I should purchase it:
- Cute and very different
- My parents will still buy me some new spring clothes
- All my purses are practical
- I wanted it for so long

Am I better to buy some spring clothes, save a bit more and buy a reissue?


Buy the V-day purse?

Please help me I am going crazy, worried that I am making the worng decisions passing this purse up!
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Oct 30, 2008
You definitely sound like a more mature 18 year-old so does your wardrobe. Speaking as a person who is a little older I would agree with you that its a little too girly and may not fit your wordrobe. You might want to consider getting it in black and that way its more classy but still has the cute charms.

Dont get me wrong I love the valentine bag but if it means giving up my saving and spring wardrobe I would pass only because its not very practical and you will probably not use it too often.
Aug 4, 2008
i actually wrote a long post but somethings wrg with my laptop. anyways, just to cut things short. i dunt think the valentine flap is something which will stand the test of time.. that in my opinion. i say if u were going to spend ur savings on a chanel, get a reissue which is on ur wishlist as i think its more timeless and u wudnt have to worry abt it being to cutesy. honestly i think the valentine flap is something u might love now, but later on , itd just may be one where u wnt look at much.. its up to u though dear!:smile:


Oct 13, 2007
One thing that affects my decision is that the valentine flap is lambskin - I LOVE it but practically, maintaining it would be tough. I think your money can better spent on something more timeless like a reissue.
I find that, sometimes, after wanting something for so long and then buying it, the "high" just drops to like a "no feeling" - maybe the want it always more fun....


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Jun 24, 2007
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I like cutsey Chanel bags! I am lucky to find the 06 Valentine's Bag in yellow! That said, the 09P one does not excite me.... Maybe I am getting old?


Jul 30, 2007
I would get it. I'm 20 and I would absolutely love that flap - totally age appropriate IMO!


Dec 3, 2007
Hmmm... Maybe you'd appreciate it more if you get the black one? It does look lot less "kiddie" than the other colors. But with that said, I don't really get the feeling you like Valentines.

I didn't think about the age factor at all when I got my Val. And I'm almost old enough to be your mom! I didn't care how it looks too trendy or cutesy. I like cutesy~!! Lol. And I doubt I would stop liking cutesy things 10 yrs later because that's how I am. It doesn't sound as you are into that sort of thing though.

Nov 29, 2008
Get it if you really like it so much! It's super pretty and I think that no matter how mature one dresses or how old one is, it's kinda' cute and fun to add something cutesy or quirky once in awhile, no?
Aug 17, 2008
I don't think you should get it if it will wipe out your savings. You are obviously on the fence about it and this is a significant purchase for you financially. For me, I wouldn't want to spend ALL the money I have on something I am unsure about.


Jun 25, 2008
As usual, my comment is this - if you have to ask, then DON'T get it ;)

Sorry if this seems blunt, but if you really, really, REALLY loved it, you wouldn't need to ask us, would you?


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Dec 7, 2006
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Hmm, tough decision! :sweatdrop: I think the bag is really cute but I would have only considered it for myself if Chanel made it in caviar! I also like a lot of the brands you wear (I absolutely :love: NL!!!) and have always dressed more mature for my age too (though I'm 26 now)! :sweatdrop: It seems like you might prefer a reissue/cerf over the Valentine's flap... and you don't want to get the flap only to regret it/wish you'd gone for something more classic. Plus, you could always get the keychain with the cute charms and clip it to another Chanel bag! :smile: Good luck deciding! :flowers:
Aug 4, 2008
i guess itd be different if this bag was somthing u were sure u really want to get, and then itd be worth gettin even if it wipes out ur savings,
but now, it seems that ur really unsure about this coral valentine, so i dunt think its worth getting since its gona wipe out ur savings.

have u thought about ur reissue? get that instead!


Jun 1, 2007
I love the Valentine's bag, but that's because I'm also young (19). I'm sure there are many older women that can rock the Valentine's bag, but personally I find it too "cutesy" for the price. For me, I like to *try* to bags that I know I will be able to wear in the future--years/decades down the road. Just my two cents.
Mar 14, 2008
i think if u're contemplating on whether to buy it or not, it actually means that you don't really want it. anyway your list has more cons than pros. so im guessing you should stick to the reissue that's on your wishlist. buy what you really really want. hth!