=/ To buy or not to buy?

  1. Okay, so yesterday I was at Macy's and I saw that the purse I alllllways wanted, the one I wanted to get origionally instead of the one I got (I :heart: the one I got, though, so that's good) but anyway it was on sale for $110. It looks like this:


    So...should I buy it? Also, do you think it it will still be there for a week or two while I make the rest of the money? :sad: There was four or five of them.
  2. If you really want it, I wouldn't wait. They will probably sell out over the weekend. Doesn't the bad retail for about $178.00? I say if you want it get it...
  3. The problem is that I can't just not wait, I don't have the money :sad: So it'll probably be a week or two before I have enough.
  4. Hmm, that demi pouch retails for $158 as far as I know. And I saw a bunch of those on sale at my Macy's too. Can you put the purchase on a credit card and pay it later? If not, you can always get Macy's to track one down for you at another one of their stores if your store sells out. Don't worry.. if you really want the bag there's tons of ways of tracking one down :smile:
  5. Ah, that's a good idea! The tracking it down thing. Also I can't put it on a credit card or anything because I'm only thirteen :shame:
  6. I'm sure you'd be able to track one down like sparkles said. ;) They might not even sell out. :smile:
  7. Maybe you can wait and see if it goes to the outlets so then it would be less expensive...or ask the SA's at Macy's to reserve it for you (if they do that)

    P.S--I'm 13 too:smile: