to buy or not to buy?

  1. buy.:tup:
  2. I love it, very cute!
  3. buy. :smile:
  4. really don´t know, maybe if I see it IRL
  5. Lovely bag. Go for it.
  6. nice! get it!
  7. i am so in love with it! it's not available until the spring though. =(
  8. why on God's good earth would you even ask such a question in a room full of gucci freaks!!!???? hahaha!
    Is there any other choice? If not - buy it!
  9. Its cute and its a good buy it!
  10. super cute, I love it!!!
  11. BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT! :tup:
  12. Too cute! I say Charge it!!!
  13. gorgeous - buy it!!
  14. wow.. that's really cute.. go get it!