To buy or not to buy


Jul 4, 2006
Hi all,
I am wanting to buy a Balenciaga Twiggy in Noir. I really like the look of it and the size seems perfect. My debate it how is the quality? I have not been able to see one of these in a store and so I dont know how hardy the leather is and how good they are as far as quality goes.
Ive always wanted to get a city but I really like the twiggy more. However I am from Chloe bags and Mulberry bags which have thick good quality leather, only once have I heard bad feedback about the balenciaga quality and am hoping it was a one off because I am almost ready to just order.
Any honest feedback would be great as I really dont *need* another bag but I have decided I deserve one - just because - but I dont want to regret the purchase.

Thanks in advance!!!


Oct 18, 2007
I find the quality to be quite good (stitching, seams, hardware, zipper, etc.) and anecdotal comments suggest Balenciaga leather holds up quite well. I'm pretty tough on my bags and have been very pleased. I would also add that the distressing in Balenciaga leathers allows them to be a bit more forgiving than the thicker but smooth leather used in Chloe and MJ.

It took me some time to warm to Balenciaga. I was a big MJ fan and liked his thick leathers and got spoiled by the leather of my two Hermes bags. But warmed I have, and how!!!



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Jul 4, 2007
Gorgeous California!
Hi Jaime, i came here from Chloe too! I love them and still have two , but the heaviness was bugging me so I got into Balenciaga. I have 3 now! I don't have a Twiggy, but I have a First and two Cities. The leather is very strong, but thinner than the Chloe leather. Bal is goatskin or sometimes lamb/agneau. I am so in love with these bags that I hardly look at other designers anymore. The quality does vary, but usually the bags are great.

There are so many articles on this forum, just look under references and styles.
Good Luck and Welcome! These bags are definitely an addiction!


Jul 4, 2006
Thanks guys, think I will take the plunge. I was going to buy a black paddington, I already have a Tan one and I would love a second one, but I just had a thought that I could get a black twiggy and then I would have a completely different style. Such a big decision but luckily not a life or death one lol


Sep 13, 2007
I'm not familiar with mulberry at all, but balenciaga leather is much softer and lighter than chloe. As a result, I think it's also more a little more delicate. But I absolutely loooove balenciaga leather. Nothing compares! I was really sick and tired of bags that weighed a ton- when empty! And I never got into chloe because, although they're beautiful, I didn't want t dislocate my shoulder. :P I've known about bbags for several years, but this summer I actually touched one for the first time- and I was instantly in love. as soon as I picked one up, I knew I was going to buy one. Yes, occasionally people will have issues with bbags- but I think that's going to happen with any brand. But I totally understand that if you're paying so much $$, you want quality. I think your bbag will last you a long time, as long as you don't abuse it! :smile:

One more thing I love about bbags- while most bags just start looking old and worn with use and age, bbag leather changes and just becomes more gorgeous, soft, smooshy, and drool-worthy. Just take a look at the leather for karenab's black 2005 weekender- TDF!!! Ok, sorry so long and rambling, but hope that helps!


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May 17, 2007
One more thing I love about bbags- while most bags just start looking old and worn with use and age, bbag leather changes and just becomes more gorgeous, soft, smooshy, and drool-worthy. Just take a look at the leather for karenab's black 2005 weekender- TDF!!! Ok, sorry so long and rambling, but hope that helps![/quote]

This is so true~


Sep 6, 2006
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Go for it , I love Chloé too especially the older bags (PP aera).
bal leather vary's greatly from year to year it's thinner than Chloé but can be very soft and incredibly wonderful to the touch...^05 leather is really the best but some 07 bags and honestly some late 06 bags are great too. SS 06 was bad what the leatherquality is concerned...


Apr 28, 2007
i'm a convert from Chloe, too! i will say this: both balenciaga chloe leathers can vary from year to year and bag to bag, so you just have to be on the lookout for what you want and specify. but the bbag leather is soooo buttery and melt-in-your-hand. i bought a new bag from BalNY in mid-october and it took me some time to get used to, since it's definitely not as thick as chloe/MJ or any of the other bags, really, that i have. but it grew on me really quickly, already it's gotten sooooo soft and scrumptious. you won't regret it!

Bridget S.

Apr 27, 2006
First off, welcome to Balenciaga!

Great choice in the Twiggy, it holds a ton, but doesn't look like a big bag!
I think that Balenciaga are excellent quality wise. I have an 04 Twiggy that the previous owner carried so much that the lining inside looks worn, but the leather outside, buttery-soft-melt-in-your-hands! They really just get better with age. Some people are down on the 2006 leathers, but I have several that, with use, have become just as great as 05 leathers (06 Grey Twiggy I am looking at you!)

Some of the colours are prone to fading/ yellowing/ darkening of the handles, but black is a great, great choice because you avoid those problems, but please note that there have been problems with some of the black 07 leathers turning a dark green with time, but search the forum because it may have been just one particular style and not across the board. 06 owners report that their black bags are still jet black! Black is made for every season, so if you can hold off, maybe wait for S/S 08!

Let us know what you decide and please post pics when you get it!

I wish you well,



Jul 22, 2007
i have an 06 black twiggy, and the leather is actually very thick and durable, while still quite slouchy. i often toss it around and it holds up fine. that said, i do take good care to keep it off the ground and stuff, and i did have to put a coat of moisturizer on it when i got it (pre-loved). now it's in great shape and the leather just keeps getting more beautiful! i think twiggys look good in all colors, but black rocks!

Feb 28, 2007
the islands
the leather really varies... i've seen some bbags with great leather and others i think "how can they really sell this!?!"


Jul 4, 2006
OK well after looking at them and thinking about it - I placed the order and it has been shipped!
I am feeling really bad because I am expecting about 4 deliveries this week from my weekend binge but its been one of those "retail therapy" weekends to make me feel better. Which I am now feeling bad for spending so much money so close to christmas!!!
Anyways - I am still excited to receive them all!


Jul 4, 2006
Thank you to all that helped with my decision. I have received my Twiggy (record time from Diabro - from Japan to Sydney 1.5 business days!!!)
I am in love. I was concerned that the leather didnt look as soft as Id heard from the picture. It looked shiny, almost patent. But when I got it out it was amazingly soft, its a great size and Im sure will be one of my faves!! Thanks again girls.