To buy or not to buy - WMC Agenda PM?

  1. I am itching to get a wmc small ring agenda and fill it with the Hello Kitty refills (so cute!!!), but already uses my bberry curve for scheduling, and carry a kate spade play book (blank pages, very thin) for times when I need to write things down.
    I've always used agendas till recently, just didn't feel like carrying so much stuff everyday....

    .. be my voice of reason please!! I neeeeeed more wmc! :nuts:
  2. I don't think I'll be of much help here :s, but I have the MC agenda PM and have used Hello Kitty refills in it. I use it as a wallet now (using filofax plastic inserts) and use another small notebook type of planner about the same size as the agenda. I, like you, did not want to carry around so much stuff, but also still wanted a little bit of MC in my purse!