To buy or not to buy? Whisky Paddy

  1. The Whiskey is a great stable colour of the paddy and well sought after so if you are in love then I would go for it.

    Have you had it authenticated in the authentication thread?
  2. Thanks secret_shopaholic

    actually refered this auction to me.

    However I think I better post it on the authentication page.

    I've been looking for the whiskey for ages and just been having sleepless night because of this bag :p
  3. Someone bought it with Buy It's already gone.....I'm so sorry...unless you were the lucky one!!
  4. Yah that was me handbagrehab :yahoo:
  5. Haha

    I was eyeing that bag but you beat me! Congrat's & enjoy!!!!
  6. Congrats!!! I am glad you got it!!! Enjoy!! and get some sleep now!!
  7. Thank you Noha23,
    I've been sleepless since Chicky told me about that bag :p i was in the "should I or shouldn't I" dilemma, but then I thought thats it, this cant keep going so I just BIN-ed it:love:
  8. Thank you handbagrehab :blush:

    now just waiting for the confirmation on the authenticity, hopefully it should be fine.

    Unfortunately I have to go to work now :sweatdrop:...but feeling so excited cos I found a whisky :yahoo:
  9. Oh wow - you got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts:

    *Does happy dance*:party: :drinks: :happydance:

    Me - i believe this to be 100% genuine.:yes: I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

    Make sure you post pics when she arrives!!!:yahoo:
  10. how much was it in US$$ ??
  11. It looks wondermous, and what a great price!!
  12. There is one on
    It's not on sale, but it's REAL for sure!:rolleyes:
  13. Congratulations aki_sato!!! :yahoo:Beautiful bag!

    OT. You bought your other two paddies on eBay as well right? How come you created a new account?
  14. Thanks :p LB

    I havent heard anything from the seller yet...

    Yah I bought my tan and choc from eBay too...

    I created a new account because that account was my ex we're not together anymore seems right I have my own...started w/ a purchase of Paddy I think it's gonna be wonderful :smile: