to buy or not to buy? used black birkin 35cm

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should i buy?

  1. yes

  2. no

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  1. i've been offered a used 35 cm birkin, black clemence leather with GH, c letter stamp (from late 90s i think). everything looks to be in good condition except that the 'hermes paris made in france' writing seems to have gone a bronze colour instead of the usual gold. do you think this is a problem or should i go ahead with it? price is very good, from a family friend. no question about authenticity. opinions greatly appreciated.
  2. cant really give u an opinion. need more info. how much would u be getting it for etc..
  3. price would be around US 5,000. reasonable?
  4. I think if it's in good condition, and it's a combination you like (ie: clemence leather an be quite slouchy in a 35), I say that's a great deal!
  5. I have the same combo and use it all the time. Grab it!
  6. moose, the $5000 is probably more than your friend paid if she bought it in boutique around 1999. Being an 8 year old bag, and we're assuming it is in great condition (?) no wear on the bottom corners, no scratches?

    I would ask her if it's her best price. You do see bags of this age/condition being offered on Ebay, and people are buying them so obviously, these people think them to be worth the price they are paying.

    Of course, you have the bag in hand and have a better perspective than I do so the question is, do YOU think it is worth $5000?
  7. Good suggestions Isus.
    What is your "gut" feeling moose??
  8. i know you said you have no concerns about authenticity but that the stamp changed color would concern me--i have old bags..........none has changed color--maybe worn off a bit around the edges
  9. We need pictures (in the authenticate this thread). The discolouring of the hardware has my alarm bells ringing. I have bags older than this and they look brand spanking new, no discolouration of the hardware WHATSOEVER.
    The price is not great for such an old bag, from a private source.
  10. I would like to see pics so I can judge authenticity & condition better before I would give an opinion. Like Hello2703, I am concerned about the change of color in the stamping.
  11. Yes, the change of color of the stamping would worry me....
  12. Maybe the owner used something on the bag that changed the stamping color? That would be my concern.