To Buy Or Not To Buy This Clutch?

  1. All right, I know this clutch is cheap ($159 + ship to Canada), but it's so close to Christmas that I'm quite strapped for cash... Still, I absolutely ADORE it! It's so cute! Casual and funky, I think it would be great for nights out with the girls and a New Year's party my partner and I are supposed to go to. I don't want to bring one of my more expensive bags in case it gets lost or dirty. What do you ladies think? Yes or no?
  2. I think it is cute ~ is it already on sale? If not will it be if you wait a bit.
    Are you sure if you go ahead and purchase you will get it in time for New Years Eve??
    I like it ~ I guess it just depends how strapped you are...
  3. It's cute, I like the little charms.
  4. I think it is adorable but I would not want to lose it!!
  5. It's very cute, price seems reasonable!
  6. It's on sale from $228, so it's a pretty good deal, I think. I'm willing to pay extra for speedy shipping, so we'll see what the price point on that is. I think I'm going to get it anyway. I've spent over $2,000 on other people (a banner year for me), so I think that 10% of that on me seems like a reasonable kickback.

    EDIT: Somebody else just stole it out of my cart. Now I'm super depressed.
  7. ^ fantastic! i hope you get it. i think it's very cute.
  8. It's adorable! I love the little moon/star charms!:yes:
  9. It's really cute! I think it would be great for NYE.
  10. I love it!
  11. Cute clutch! Glad you bought it :smile:
  12. huge yay, and glad you were able to find and buy it!!
  13. i like it. i liked the charms a lot