To Buy or NOT to Buy...This 1995 Lambskin Chanel w/ Receipt!

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  1. I am debating whether or not I like the style. I really :heart: "Vintage" Chanel bags and this one seems like a steal! Opinions? Does it look Chic or frumpy?[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. That is pretty cool, but I'm not loving the color.
  3. Honestly, I find it a little frumpy due to the color and the straps. I'd pass.
  4. I like the brown since I already have a patent leather black chanel mini flap and a satin quilted evening bag/clutch. I am just not in love with the handle. My style is more chain than leather strap.
  5. not liking the strap on this I'd pass...
  6. Ok thanks ladies. The strap does ruin the bag. It doesn't give it a modern look though keeping its vintage style.
  7. I think because of the extreme price increase of Chanel bags a lot of people are just whipping out old Chanel bags from their closets and trying to get in on the hype and make huge profits too. Doesnt always work.
  8. Well for only $350 I thought I could make this purse work with a brown distressed motorcycle jacket, dark skinny jeans and flats. I guess I should just put this money towards a more versatile Chanel.
  9. I love brown, but not this particular shade. Plus the strap is not too attractive either. This bag looks very 80's to me. I find things from the 80's have a very distinct look, personally I don't like them.

    ETA, I just realized it says 1995 for the year, it really looks older to me. JMO
  10. Sorry, but for me it is not love at first sight.......
  11. I know I am in the minority here, I might like this bag if it has long enough strap to wear crossbody. I think it can work with casual or chic-bohemian looks. I am picturing it in my mind, with a tunic and wide leg denims and brown leather thongs. I do not like the tassle - to me that thingie dates the bag. But a scarf tied around it might hide that and make it work. Where did you find this for $350, sounds like a steal to me!
  12. Ahh bummer 36" strap is more of a shoulder length bag, the top of the bag would fall somewhere around the waist when worn on shoulder. Crossbody would need at least about 48" to 50" inches, then it would fall around top of hip.
  13. It does have an 80s vibe. Seller is selling it for a reasonable price though, that's for sure. Not like some sellers who would try for $950 lol. I think as far as strap length, mini flap only has 40" and it works as a messenger.
  14. Crossbody would have been the best scenario. I am going to pass. It really isn't my style.