To buy or not to buy...the Neverfull

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  1. Okay so I've been reading all of your posts about the Neverfulll. I['ve read about the "bleeding" issues and as well as about the misalignment.

    Other than those two "issues" how do you feel about the bag? What size would you procure for every day use - the MM? I'd like your honest opinions please, as I will be breaking my purse ban for this bag.
  2. I don't have one but I really love that bag. I would get one but I already have a BH. I say get one.

    Oh I asked if the price was going to be increased on the NF and my SA said no it is stayingthe same. But I would call and just double check if I were you if you want to get it before Wed.
  3. I have the Neverfull MM & I absolutely love it :love: It's very comfy & you can fit a ton in it. I wear it everyday to work. As far as the bag had 1 tiny spot which I erased (spot got there when I wore bag cinched). Since I haven't been using the bag cinched anymore, I've had no problems with the "bleeding". I love it & I'm sure you would too!
  4. Get it! :yes:
  5. I love my neverfull and i think it is a great bag.
  6. MM is good size I think, nice bag!
  7. I have the MM size and LOVE it! :yes:
  8. I have the PM for everyday use. I love it! I haven't had any bleeding problems or anything like that at all. I can fit a ton in the PM and it's the perfect size for me. I am 5' 2" and about 105 lbs.

    I say....get it!! LOL!
  9. I have MM. No problem with anything.
    Just love it.
  10. I would buy it, great price and super cute. I want to get one in damier or azur.
  11. I really, really love the neverfull MM, and would get it in a flash if I hadn't already owned a BV. I couldn't justify to myself having 2 similar bags, so I'm waiting for the damier neverfull to be released.

    I think of the neverfull as a "rugged" bag, so damier will be perfect as I do not have to worry abt vachetta. I'm praying hard that the damier version will be beautiful to me (I'm not normally a fan of damier), and that I'll love it even more than the mono. Also hoping that the interior will not be the man-made red suede as I don't want to have to worry abt any spillage and staining issues.
  12. Bought the MM this weekend and i love it! It's such a young, fresh looking bag!
  13. I think the MM is a great bag and the price is hard to beat. Take the plunge, break the ban, I am an enabler, sorry! LOL!
  14. Neverfull MM is a good bag for casual outings and you could pack a lot. I wouldn't wear the neverfull w/ tank tops because it cuts on my shoulders (those skinny straps) otherwise it's very comfy. I have no problem w/ bleeding, smudging, but when you decide to purchase the neverfull look for the red glaze on the straps make sure it's intact because mine is kind of peeling.
  15. I got the MM and don't have the problem with me, I think it is a lovely bag and well structure. All of my friends love it and few of them got it as well~