To buy or not to buy. The kohl box

  1. Hi all,

    Was at Celine yesterday and left with the phantom cabas in kohl because I needed a new tote and loved the color. As I was leaving, I kept looking at the clasp and then this beauty. Should I take the box plunge? I have nothing like it. I also took pics of the clasp and the beautiful inside! IMG_1491054420.826721.jpg IMG_1491054438.311608.jpg IMG_1491054448.213685.jpg IMG_1491054460.713151.jpg
  2. YES!!! The kohl color is stunning! And Box bags with silver hardware are pretty hard to come by. Plus it looks great on you!!
  3. Yes, it looks so good on you :heart:
  4. Thanks! I am so casual in this pic, but does work with my lifestyle. Love the color...and love silver hardware!
  5. Thank you!
  6. Big fan of the Kohl box on you. Yes, a million times over.
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  7. Made me laugh!! Thanks. Where is everyone these days? Miss the old Celine folks!! There winter 17 looks amazing so I am back in all the way;)
  8. Buy, buy, buy!!!! It's stunning!!
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  9. Bad, bad enabler!!! LOL. Yea I love it!
  10. The box is lovely - also, you may want to crop your credit card out of the one photo? I know the number looks blurry but you'd be amazed at what people can accomplish with photo software :hrmm:
  11. Thank you! It's not a credit card it's a computer screen pop up thing, but never know.
  12. yes yes yes to the beautiful kohl Box!!!! I love that they made it with silver hardware so the cool tones go beautifully together. mod shots please if you get it :smile:
  13. Oh, I meant the photo with the blue credit card on the counter!
  14. Omg I need someone to fix it for me and thank you!!
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  15. Message a mod and tell them asap. I'm sure they will understand