To buy or not to buy the Hermes piccolo?

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  1. Thinking about buying this .. and just wondering how useful and or

    practical this purse accessory is.. any comments or thoughts..

    thanks again to the informative TPF'ers:biggrin:
  2. I don't have one but I'm thinking it could be useful for tampons, pens, pencils.......little bits and bobs.....

    I think it's a bit pricey for what it is though.......
  3. I have one and absolutely love it! I haven't had a pen mark inside any of my bags since I purchased it! I got it in violet so it's bright. If I need a pen or pencil, it is very easy to find in a jiffy!

    I am considering a second one for tampons.
  4. ok.. sounds good to me.. am thinking about vert anis in swift..and thanks for

    your thoughts...
  5. What about Bebop?
  6. I ADORE my piccolo!!! Perfect for pens, lipsticks, etc. I got rose shocking chevre and I wish I had another one!

    I have wanted a bebop for a long time, but I am retentive and the off-center perforated H on the snap(s) drives me nuts.

    I have 2 karos and I adore those as well. I held out on those for the longest time because of the price for what it was, and now I can't believe I waited. Love them.
  7. I have a piccolo in vert anis and it is the most useful little thing. I usually keep a pen and my nail file in it.
  8. Love mine. It is the perfect size for my eyeglasses and a pen.
  9. Besides my piccolo, I also have two Bebops - one for makeup, the other for my sunglasses. Everything must have its place... (As one retentive to another!)

  10. I have a piccolo and I have never used it. I have the smaller one so mayber that's why. I carry way too much stuff, I needed something bigger!!:P
  11. I have one (RS chevre) and just love it ... keep a lip gloss, pen and tylenol tube in it and the colour makes it easy to find in my bag. Lots of times it's all that I take in my Evelyne when I'm walking a lot ... the price is nuts, but I'm trying to look past that ...
  12. I find it really I use a karo PM instead for the little knick knacks...
  13. Does it come in different sizes?
  14. i have one and adore it, i use it as an eyeglasses case for my chanel reading fits perfectly inside a small evening bag/clutch, the chanel cases are just gigantic...and i can always find it in my bag, mine is lagon chevre mysore! definitely one of my favorite H accessory buys, next to my Karo GM!
  15. It only comes in one size that I know of.

    I use that, a karo PM and a karo GM. Right now I am using an LV thingie also, so I think I need another karo. :biggrin: