To Buy Or Not To Buy, That Is The Question

  1. Even though the temp. is in the single digits here in Western NY, and the snow is F-L-Y-I-N-G... I'm thinking Spring/Summer! And what I am thinking is that what I want this year is an LV Baggy GM (big enough for all the crap I haul around.) I hardly ever wear blue, and I'm a little afraid of the pink being too "girly." The lichen (green, moss, olive) though is just my perfect color! (The Balenciaga I'm carrying right now is in an olive color and I just adore it:heart: .)

    Now, there is one up for sale on Let-Trade. [Warning -- if anyone from here pulls it out from under me, I will not be a happy camper.:cursing:. ]The pics look good, but I am nervous given the reports from some others on here.
    The seller has told me, via email, that "You may expect some minor surface dirt or scratches on cowhide area." I realize that I am not buying brand-new perfect, but I don't want it to look any more used than it would be after I carried it around for a few weeks.

    I also have never purchased from Hong Kong and I am concerned about customs and insurance, etc.

    The price difference between Let-Trade and Elux is a few hundred dollars. Eluxury currently has no more of the lichen in stock, but the woman I spoke to there just this morning said they might get more in, I should just keep checking. She does not show it as being discontinued. She also said I could call LV and see if they can find one for me in one of their stores.

    So, should I take the risk and get the one on Let-Trade? Or should I try to hunt one up from Elux or LV? Or just keep watching eBay....? TIA to all!! I am a tpf ADDICT.
  2. have you called 866 vuitton? they are absolutely amazing and soooo helpful. if there is one to be found they can find it.

    it's really your comfort level. let-trade usually marks things as gifts i think so you shouldn't have to pay customs, but i can't say that 100%.

    sometimes let trade is accurate about the descriptions, some times not. i have heard some things having and odor and some have been just perfect. it's a chance you take. you have to decide if the extra money is worth it to you. for some things i'm ok with used- if it's an amazing deal, if i can't find it any more, if i'm not 100% sure it's really my style. but other times i really want brand new perfect. you need to think about whats best for you
  3. I have been eyeing that one as well, but I don't have the $$ at the moment for it. You can save some money by buying it there, but if you're concerned about the wear then you might want to wait for a new one. Have you purchased a used one before?

    I've purchased 2 items from let-trade and I've been perfectly happy. The straps though have looked darker to me in real life than on the computer screen, but that could just be my computer. In general the pictures have been very accurate though in terms of showing flaws. Did you ask about any odors? That was also something that concerned me about purchasing the denim bag because I'm not sure if the cloth ones would absorb more smell and be harder to get out.

    Anyway, just some things to think about. The bag looks beautiful though and it would be great if someone here got it! Then I can see pictures. :smile:
  4. if you have the extra few hundred, i would say call 866 vuitton and see if they can hunt one down. if you're willing to risk the bag not looking like you'd hoped then i'd snatch the let-trade while you can. i think if let-trades items were SNAD, then they'd have a lot of problems keeping a business. i've never used them but i hear good things from them on this site. IMO, i'd take a new one, but only bc i'd be wary of the "scratches" mentioned. good luck! post pics when you get your bag :smile:

  5. I second that. I have purchased from Let-trade before, and they are fantastic...but if you can afford to, buy it new!
  6. Well the Lichen color is actually sold out within the company so you'll have to go the eBay/let-trade route.
  7. When I searched "baggy GM" on the only one they show is the green. Would they still be showing it if they had no more? I don't know -- just asking.:confused1:
  8. katielou07... 'scuse my not knowing, but what is SNAD? THANKS!!
  9. If you can afford it and still available in boutiques/elux, I'll say buy it new.
  10. If the extra couple hundred isn't a big deal, I would definately try and find one through 1866 Vuitton or go to your local Louis to find one. There is nothing quite like the boutique experience...
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  12. someone else is already looking at lt's baggy. be quick or be out of a good deal.
  13. Well there aren't any more Miroir Speedys left yet those are still up on the main LV site... :s
  14. Did you get it? I don't see it on the let-trade website anymore.
  15. moved to a new spot. :smile: