to buy, or not to buy... that is the question...


which one?

  1. classic mono pochette...

  2. damier pochette...

  3. damier speedy...

  4. nothing, save your money for the rest of the trip...

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  1. in about 3 weeks, my family and i are going to las vegas for the billionth time. only this time, i actually want to buy something from LV (my favorite vegas LV is the cesar's palace forum LV), since i've never bought from LV in vegas. my question is, should i get a mono pochette, damier pochette, or damier speedy? i was thinking i'd get a pochette, just so i have more money to spend for the rest of the trip, but what do you guys think? :confused1: forgot to say, i already have a mono speedy 25, cerises speedy, and a mono noe... just in case you were wondering...
  2. Damier Pochette gets my vote. I try not to buy large items when on a trip and I like the Damier print better than the Mono for the Pochettes.
  3. damier pochette is sexy! i love mine. you'll love her!
  4. I vote classic LV pochette for Las Vegas! :yahoo:
  5. i would go for the speedy, can't have enough of that bag
  6. LOL! that's too cute.
  7. I'd probably get the Damier pochette..or wait till you get there and see what you find. You might find something else you want to buy. I had that happen once when I was at SCP a couple of years ago..I wasn't going to buy anything, then I saw the Panda pochette in the case and *had* to get it.
  8. I voted Damier Pochette, because I've fallen in love with the Damier Pochette lol. And I love the Monogram Pochette as well, but I know I want to buy a Damier Pochette. :love:
  9. Damier Speedy gets my vote
  10. if i were you i would wait and buy something at ceasars they always have the best stuff there
  11. Damier pouchette definelty! What about damier azur? Do you have that already? It's really pretty in person.
  12. Save your money. Never know what you might find in Vegas LV to buy!
  13. I would choose the damier speedy as it's a great everyday bag and no vachetta to worry about getting dirty/rained on etc. Also you already have some mono in your collection so a little damier would be something different.
    Hope you have a great trip.:wlae:
  14. hmm that's a toughie..

    i'd go with the damier speedy so u can use it throughout ur trip!
  15. damier pochette ... it's so pretty :yes: