To Buy or not to Buy, Opinions Please!

  1. Hello everyone,

    I've never posted in the BV forum before, but I've been desiring a BV for some time.

    I didn't want a black or brown one, which seemed to be predominantly what I'd seen.

    I'd mainly been wanting to buy a Veneta bag, but today I came across a Ferro Sloane.

    My question is, should I buy it or not? The Ferro seems gorgeous, but I haven't seen it in person, only in photos, so you never can tell.

    For those who have a Sloane, what do you think of it? Does it slip off the shoulder due to the wide strap?

    Also, I'm a chubby girl, and am concerned that a Sloane might not look right on me. *not that I care too much, it's BV for goodness' sakes!*

    Any input you all may have would be much appreciated. It's a lot of money, so I want to make sure it's a good investment! I know hardly anything about BV.
  2. Hi, Stophle! Welcome to BV! I LOVE ferro! It's a nice gunmetal color with a subtle sheen (think shimmer eyeshadow, not glitter eyeshadow!). The sloane design tends to be a bit bulkier than the veneta but as with any of the BV hobo designs, it will relax and drape more with wear. There are great pictures in the action thread of how the sloane looks unstuffed and worn. Looks totally different from the pictures you'll see on Bluefly and other online stores where the bag is stuffed and looks like a duffle bag.
  3. I haven't ever seen the Sloane IRL but I know it is pretty universally loved by those who have. I have seen ferro, however, and it is an absolutely awesome colour!! I do think it would help to be able to try the Sloane on, though - if that isn't a possibility is there at least a good return policy where you are buying it from? If so, I say go for it!!
  4. Oh, and I forgot to also mention that ferro is much like the colour of ouija board's beautiful cat!!
  5. Thank you for the replies!

    I'll be buying the Ferro Sloane that's on Ann's Fabulous Finds. I'm not sure what their return policy is, or if they even have one. I'll have to look into that before I buy!

    I'm going to call my local BV store tomorrow and ask if they have any Sloane's so I can rush there after work and try it on.

    Thanks also for the descriptions of the color. I was concerned that it would be a sort of "flat" grey. It looks like it has some depth of color in the pictures, and the shimmery description sounds perfect to me!
  6. Ferro is a GORGEOUS colour, which I doubt anyone will have regrets with after buying it! As for the Sloane, be sure to try it out first before getting the bag, if you don't know their exchange policies.

    I love my Veneta, but not as much with the Sloane, so def try it out first if you can!

    Can't wait to see new pics of your bag when you get it. Welcome to BV! :flowers:
  7. Stophle - I'm a "chubby girl", too. I prefer the veneta. I have large arms and I find it the most comfortable. I have the medium, large and maxi. The maxi is very comfortable. I found the sloane to be a bit bulky under the arm for me. Trying them on is the best way to determine which works best for you. Enjoy your trip to the BV store!
  8. I just back from BV store when I read your thread. I also find sloan too bulky and the strap keeps falling off as I also have slopy shoulders. I am very happy with my large veneta. You need to try on to know which one fits you better. Hope you find out which one you like soon. We are all waiting for action pictures after you get it. :tup:

  9. Stophle - My first BV was a Ferro Sloane. It is a great bag, I'm so happy with the way it hangs and the capacity, and color! Plus, I am also *fluffy* and always consider clearance under the arm.

    I've purchased one bag (a Fendi) through Ann and it was authentic and beautiful...quick shipping, and great communication.
  10. I guess it's really depends on everyone's body type.. You should try it out which one that suit you best. BV has a very good CS.. you can try it on at your nearest boutique. I have sloane & veneta. I found both of them really comfy, and not bulky at all.
  11. hi stophle, i'd say try in on irl before deciding whether to buy. some bags, while they look fantastic on display, need to be "test driven" for things like comfort, fit, feel, proportion, whether the colour complements the wearer's skin tone, etc. you've got to feel what i call the "wow factor" before buying any purse.

    that said, if the ferro sloane passes the above tests, i say grab it!
  12. Hi Stophle

    Welcome to the BV forum! I'm v tall and v chubby and the large and maxi veneta looks prettier on me. For what it's worth I would definately try before you buy. :lol:
  13. To put it in context I'll go out on a limb and say that I'm a UK size 16 and I'm five foot nine and a half. (That all important half!) :smile: