To Buy or Not to Buy... MbMJ Staples and Studs Bag

  1. Hi ladies.

    I wanted your input before I push the accept offer button on eBay. For some reason, I have had such a fascination with the MbMJ Staples and Studs bag since I saw it on this girl at Topshop.

    The offer is for $200 and it's in a metallic color. Can people give me input on how big the bag is (I'm 5'5'') and whether the bag is perfect for everyday use? Thanks!
  2. Sorry, I've never seen this bag in real life!
  3. do you have a pic? that would help :yes:
  4. is this the bag you're talking about?

  5. I love that line, here's a pic of a blog
  6. i like the 2nd pic with someone holding it. not as crazy about it up close though...
  7. Sorry.. this is the bag. The picture is in pink and the one I was thinking about getting is one in metallic silver.

    I'm beginning to think maybe. Not?
  8. i would've loved it in the black. it would've been pretty kickass in the hot pink, but i'm not sure about silver. i'd need to see an actual pic to tell you definitively yes or no.
  9. Meh.. Silver no... Hot Pink, Maybe... black? YES! ..
  10. It's definitely a cool bag.. I love the staples detail. If you like the silver, go for it!
  11. I like it more in silver than in black. I like this shape better than the other one (I like the bucket aspect to it) but I haven't seen it modeled, not sure what it would look like on.

    I'm curious! If you get it you will DEFINITELY have to post lots of pics!
  12. Hmmm, its an interesting shape. I like the color, but not so sure about the shape. If you get it, please model it - it probably looks alot better on.
  13. It's cute! I actually like the silver. Post more pics up if you decide to go for it.
  14. I like it, I always liked it...go for it...