To buy or not to buy? LV Onatah Leather

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am having a major dilemma!!
    I am sooooo inlove with this LV Onatah Obergine Leather bag and this is the 2nd time he's listed it:
    eBay: 1000% Auth. Louis Vuitton Onatah Leather GM Brand New (item 110042366670 end time Oct-19-06 16:27:17 PDT)

    It didn't sell the first time and he's still selling it for the same price!

    My problem is that it sells new from the LV store in Montreal for close to that price!!! but then I have to pay taxes.

    But is it worth it to buy from EBAY???
    I did authenticate it with
  2. If the price is the same as retail, I think you should get new one from the store. Pay the tax and if something wrong with the bag, you can exchange it..
  3. It's about $100 less plus taxes $245, so a difference of $345!!!
  4. Oh, and someone is selling the same bag in the brown leather for only $ thats worth it! But did want the purple/obergine colour!!!
  5. $345 is pretty good amount...

    Hmm....that's tough!!

  6. I think you should stick to the color you want, don;t settle for something less because you will regret it someday..

    Why don't you ask the seller to lower the price or at least free shipping?

  7. I agree. You shouldn't spend that much money if you aren't completely happy with it. Good luck!
  8. I think I'll wait closer to the end of the listing and see if he changes his mind!

    I don't think he'll have much luck selling it at the current listing price (BIN $1500) becuase its sold new for $1630 on eluxury and its not backordered at all!!
  9. If you want the transaction to be hassle-free with the option of returning if you change your mind, it might be safer to get it from the store or eluxury.