To buy or not to buy?..Kelly Longue


Aug 28, 2008
Ok...I need some help here. I've been looking for a Kelly Longue. My SA finally told me hey have a Black box GH. That's not quite the combination I have in mind. But I know they are hard to find too.

Should I get it? Or should I hold off, and see what I can find in Paris?


Rising Star
Feb 26, 2006
Don't spend your money on anything that you don't absolutely love, even if it's rare or limited edition or whatever. I too was offered a Kelly Longue a couple of weeks ago. It was a rare new piece in Ciel veau swift, and I can imagine how beautiful it is. Plus it's from FSH so the price is right. But it just doesn't fit my lifestyle. I see myself using it twice, at most three times, a year. So after the sales invoice sat on my desk for a week without me dying to fax through my C/C authorization, I declined it. No regrets.