To buy or Not to buy - Hermes Her Bag


Orange coco
Feb 27, 2006
I'm contemplating getting my first Hermes...the HER BAG.

I really fancy the "look" as it is very similar to a Birkin. Because I am a student (read: poor :crybaby: ), I cannot afford the real deal. haha.


What do you hermes "experts" think??

Is it worth my 600 pounds/1200 USD???
LOve my Herbag - you can carry loads and as the toile is coated it stands up to more wear and not worry about it getting marked like my garden Party or box kellys. go for it (and they are being discontinued as well )
i would say "go for it"!
I have a backpack version that i loved to death and i used it very often.
It's worth every penny.
Besides, it's in the classic 'black' color, making it perfect for rainy days and daily use.

Get it! Now!!!!........It's been discontinued. I have the same it to bits....though you have to be aware that the leather is prone to scratches and though it can be very effectively reconditioned, the corners can bend as it isn;t stictched together like regular H leather. The 'Her' range is being replaced by the Valparaiso. Lord Almighty! What will Hermes do next?? Stop the Garden Party too? I suspect they wanna do away with all their cheaper bags...oh no!

I am looking all over for a Herbag Cabas GM - en noir biensur

Does anyone have one?
By the way, Pierre in NY told me they would not recondition the leather on a herbag - but maybe he was in a bad mood - I am seeing a trend in not reconditioning discontinued bags/leathers but I may be wrong.