To buy or not to buy... help

  1. Does it fit your style?
  2. I would say yes...
    and I think since it's all black it doesn't stand out too much either.
  3. I love McQueen clutches too especially the knuckle-duster longer ones but I think this one looks a bit 'solid' and 'heavy' looking, too all-black to wear with an LBD, not streamlined enough for a poished look and will kill-off any floaty outfit or more subtle colours. There are so many better AMQ clutches IMO.
  4. I agree with Papertiger!
  5. It all depends on your style...It might be "solid" and "heavy looking" as said above but you can always balance your outfit. I could see myself wearing this clutch with a more casual and ordinary outfit (nice jeans for example or basic dress) to give my outfit some edge. Just my humble opinion. What's important is that you should feel comfortable carrying it.
  6. I love it and say go for it! Lately i'm obsessed with McQuenn clutches and this one is one of my favorites. Just too pricey for me at the moment.
  7. i love it!! it would look just as great with jeans as well as a LBD for more casual nights out
  8. I saw that in selfridges and i love it, you should buy it!
  9. how about the price?? any on sale?
  10. no, nothing on sale.. :sad:
  11. In my opinion, no.. I love his other clutches though.
  12. Love it!
  13. yes!
  14. yes!!! it's such a beautiful bag