To Buy or not to buy, HELP

  1. Hi
    I am new to this my name is ellie,
    i have been looking for a Jimmy Choo bag on E bay but i am no expert i need a little help confirming the authenticity of the bag.
    if any one could help it would be great,
    although its no longer a listing on e bay, the girl took it off as it didnt sell, i mentioned i would be intetrested, the price is £70.00 uk pounds
    Ellie :confused1:
    DSC00414.JPG DSC00415.JPG
  2. Hi Ellie and welcome to the purse forum.

    That bag is a fake I'm afraid. If you post links to any eBay auctions in the authenticate this thread then you should get a quicker response.
  3. Welcome Ellie and I hope you enjoy it here on tPF. The bag is a Fake and like riffraff said, feel free to ask about any others, but make sure you do it in the other thread, so we will see it quickly and be able to respond before the listing closes:yes: But fortunately in this case, it was better off that the listing closed!