To buy or not to buy - Help me please! :flowers:

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Buy the preloved petit noe or wait for a new shoulder bag?

  1. Preloved petit noe

  2. Brand new other shoulder bag

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  1. #1 Sep 30, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2010
    My fellow LV troopers,

    I posted separate threads before asking about the petit noe, and also about a shoulder bag. I only have handheld LVs (except the papillon 30 which I can sling over my shoulder but it's bulky).

    I was determined to get a preloved petit noe, because I like patina and it's especially nice on the noe. But I have not tried the bag IRL, so I kinda decided I should look at other bags first.

    Now I have a chance to buy one, and I'm not sure whether to go for it. I have enough funds for a preloved bag (up to $500), but not for brand new.

    The other shoulder bags I'm looking at are monty, delightful, BH, galliera, hampstead, rivington (maybe I should just list them all). I should just say I have not really picked which one, but Monty is sort of high on the list because it has a zipper and it seems like a good everyday bag.

    Sorry this is kinda you think I should go for the petit noe, or just keep saving for a brand new shoulder bag?

    Thanks so much!
  2. What do you want to use the bag for? Think about the functionality you want from it and that should help steer your decision.. :biggrin:
  3. I would suggest you go to the LV boutique and try out all the bags you are interested in, including a petite noe. That may help you decide which bag you think would work best for you. After you figure out which bag you really like, you can decide whether to buy pre-loved or save up for new. I don't think you should get any bag that isn't what you really want, even if it is cheaper because it's pre-owned. You'll end up still wishing for the bag that that wowed you at the store. (If you do decide on a particular bag and find a pre-loved of that model, be sure to get it authenticated here before you buy!) Hope that helps - good luck.
  4. Thanks Frankie and Grace....the petit noe is so tempting because it's in awesome condition and really good price...but a sale is no sale if I end up not using it right?
  5. The petite noe is cute but I just don't find it as functional and versatile as the other bags you listed. The noe to me seems rather casual/sporty in appearance and wouldn't seem appropriate for dressier occasions. If you save a little more (around 300dollars or even less) you'll be able to afford a BH, Totally, NF, etc which I think are bags that would be more 'worth it' to me.
  6. I too Agree, I would not settle, ESP for these prices. Can you go try them on? I hope what ever you pick makes your heart sing!
  7. Hi scaredycat,
    Is it the epi Noe or the Mono one? I agree with Grace04 if can, go to the store with your list and try them all. Sometimes it lookes diffrent on you then you've imagine, or the feeling is just not there. Maybe you should go for a new Noe and save some more first. I want to try on a Epi Noe but there was non availbel in store. Saw one girl with a Ivorie Epi Noe.......awesome. Good luck!
  8. First, always always ALWAYS try on the bags in the store. Take it from someone who's gotten burned before :P

    Yoogi's has a petite mono Noe for $425. But don't settle for something you don't want! If you're going pre-loved, some of the other bags you want are just a little more.

    The petite Noe is cute! I used to have one. It's definitely a bag people either love or hate, though. The Totally has a bunch of pockets, for example - you might prefer that over a bag with fewer pockets. (I should also note that I would never have considered the Totally before I tried it on; I used to be in the "eww diaper bag" camp)

    What are you planning on using it for?
  9. Thanks Disco, NewCoachQueen, FrancisT,Lorianna :flowers:

    I don't live near a boutique :shucks:, and I'm in Canada so no online ordering.
    I need a throw around bag (hence the attraction of preloved)...should be big enough to travel with, I prefer a zipper too.
    I don't need it to be dressy, as my two handhelds and my pochette cater to that.
    I just really need a bumming around purse. I think the petit noe fits the bill except for the zipper. Monty/Delightful is on top of the list. I'm more of a bowler bag and hobo type, instead of a tote kind of gal. Well at least this is helping me think things through :smile:

    My other big concern on the petit noe, is of course how it will look..I'm 5'0, 100 lbs, so small framed.
    I know the noes are huge, even the petit noe.
  10. I just purchased a preloved epi petit noe and received it yesterday. It is still a good sized bag for a petit. It is the perfect size for me (5'4" size 4-6) but it just depends on whether you prefer smaller bags to larger ones. For a throw around bag I agree preloved is the way to go and the lack of zipper may not be that much of an issue since you can gather/pull it to close.
  11. Petit Noe for me is not a practical bag, so nayyy..

    JMO though (:*
  12. You mentioned you like the Monty because it has a zipper and the Petite Noe does not have a zipper nor is it easy to keep your things organized in. I think it is a pretty but not very functional. You could always keep your eyes peeled for a preloved Monty - I see them quite often. Then you have the best of both - a bag you feel you can be less cautious with since it is preloved and you get the zipper and functional aspect.
  13. Of the ones you listed, I like the Noe the best.

    I had the largest size, and it got tons of use. My sister now owns it, because I got it pre-owned and it wasn't very well taken care of (the leather was good initally, but began cracking shortly after I received it). I wanted to have it repaired but it cost close to the amount of a brand new one. This is a bag I will definitely own again in the future.
  14. It looks like I'm the only one who voted Preowned Petit Noe! lol... the cheese stands alone.
  15. Thank you Kirbymax, Earthx, Sophiae, LouisLover260...i really appreciate your comments.

    Louislover...hahaha,based on the comments, I think others were going for the Noe, maybe they just did not cast their vote.

    I forgot to mention I love the monogram. I think since the noes are huge on me, monogram is better because it will soften up later (and for preloved it's already that depending on the how the condition).

    I guess one of the attractions of the petit noe, apart from decent deals you can get from auction sites, is that it's an iconic piece. I love the non-trendy, basic LV classic icons. I really love the mini petit noe, but it's not as useful as the petit monogram.