To buy or not to buy from Bluefly!

  1. I was once bitten by bluefly selling me a fake Chloe bag (retunred and refiunded with no problems), but other stuff I bought was authentic, Gucci, BCBG Max Azria, and Delman shoes......

    I found one of the few Chloe sandals I like on bluefly at 20% off and hopefully I can get a 15% as well.:

    Bluefly - Product Details - #2079561 - Chloe tan buckle 'Prince' slingbacks

    Its a size 7.5 which is the size of my Chloe buckle boots....but I am normally a size 7.

    Do I buy or not????

    BTW, I cannot find these shoes on eBay at all!!! Are they last summers????
  2. Hi there. I just received my whiskey paddington shopper and it is real! I think if you are willing to eat the shipping if it is fake ('cause they will never admit it) and you really can't find the shoes somewhere else you should go for it. You can always return. Personally I would much rather support a company that stands behind their products but I just couldn't find this bag anyplace else.
  3. I reall wouldnt risk it, for every good order, you hear of more bad ones, and this price is not even good for this shoe.

    Try for last seasons footwear, it is so much cheaper :smile:
  4. I personally wouldn't chance it. Leopards don't change their spots and once a fake supplier always a fake supplier in my books. CB has supplied good links to Yoox who are authentic so I would go there if I were you

    Good luck
  5. Yeah I checked Yoox and they don't have that style.....

    Oh well, I will wait since the price isn't amazing at all!!!
  6. Yea but they're Paddington Sandals? In your size right? If you get free shipping (and you do) and pay no taxes plus additional 15 percent off? Well........

    Search 'deals and steals', I believe there's some codes with even better discounts.

    I say get them. Check them out and then make your decision. Your worst case senerio is waiting 4 weeks for your refund and paying to ship back.:push:
  7. Hmmm... They are very similar to the pair I bought from yoox, with chloe-babe's recommendation (thanks again), except mine has a stilleto heel. Bargain price too...
  8. That is way tooo pricey for a shoe a coupe of seasons back. i'd wait.
  9. Is that how old they are? two seasons ago??

    The problem is I am in Canada, thats why I have to think twice about these things.....I have to pay customs and taxes and $45USD in shipping.
  10. Hey! I am so glad that you love your whiskey paddington shopper! I LOVE Bluefly and have never been bitten by a fake! (so far:smile: I bought the white medium paddy from them and it's perfect! I also bought the small Chloe wallet in nutmeg and it was perfectly authentic as well. I think they are really careful lately about quality control and only selling the real thing. Enjoy your US Shopper. It is so hard to find and the whiskey is one of my favorite colors! I wear it in every season and it always looks terrific:smile::jammin: