to buy or not to buy...Damn SA!!!

  1. So I thought I was done with my bag buying til the new colors appear, and after my suprise bubble quilt I thought I was totally over things. My SA sent me a pic of the bronze baby cabas and now my head is racing!!! I wasn't prepared for it, yet I found myself laying awake calculating how to swing it and stay under my husband's radar.
    Do I need this bag? I already have 3 cabas-the original in caviar, the vinyl and the denim and the brooklyn version. Anyone? Help? I mean, its bronze!!! Here we go again......:nuts:
  2. ohhh... I saw it yesterday and it's beautiful.
    i say go for it! :graucho:
  3. ^ oh!!! i know just the girl whose looking for it, she's a fellow tpfer, if you're not gonna have it, could you keep me on the list please?

    i'm gonna inform her now. she's been dying to get her hands on one!
  4. hmm okay sorry i didn't reply your question but i think you shld give it a miss because you already have 3!!! and you just got a bubble quilt, which is a TDF bag. imo, i wouldn't get it even if it's so fab because i have a cabas already and i don't think i want another. xo
  5. Yup, no need for another cabas; shld use that $$$ to get a more diff-looking bag and agree with deluxe that the bubble quilt is so TDF :smile:

    Deluxe - is the gal waiting to get her hands on it YOU? haha:nuts:
  6. heh the temptation to get new bags is terrible isn't it? I'd say only get this bag if you REALLY love it. Maybe see it IRL before deciding if possible? Good luck deciding!

  7. LOL! not me! she actually left a comment above before me ^^ she was asking me about my black cabas and i told her mine was the last one left in NM. and then i saw this thread and i thought of her immediately cause she's either for the bronze and black. i'm not into metallic sadly :hrmm:
  8. I say go for it, but how to get around your hubby?
    This SP do know how to drive us crazy with those calls....haha
  9. I woudn't get it even though it's a beautiful bag, and besides you already have 3 of the same or similar. I would save the money for another divine bag, who knows, it may pop up sooner than you think!!
  10. Do you have the original huge one, or the original cruise Baby? If you don't have a smaller Baby... then you just might need this one, since it would be a first for you, in that size. If you already have a Baby, then maybe you don't need it.
  11. Jayne, I have the original one with the CC's on it. I don't have any quilt bottom ones, but something tells me it may be too small and I hear there is a Tpfer who would love it-so if I can help her out, I am willing to share!!

    Besides, I am so in need of some purple... spring can't come any sooner....
  12. I say wait it out for another style that's different. :graucho:
  13. Is the "bronze" one the one that is also referred to as the khaki cabas?
  14. i think you already have a fab cabas family, you don't need another one.
  15. That's very nice of you, memyselfI! :yes: