TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY????????? Cruise 2008

  1. SA called me today about this bag. Should I get it or not? :confused1:
    Attached is the picture. The bag I am referring to is the biggest one in the middle, but in black color.

  2. Honestly, I'm not too crazy about it. I prefer the CC logo versus "CHANEL" spelled out. That's just me personally.

    If the bag calls out to you, then get it!
  3. hey it's chanel!! I like it! however, it seems as if your unsure already so wait untill you find something you absolutely love regardless!! me likey!
  4. I really love this bag in blue. I really thought about buying it but I really don't need it either. I kind of like the Chanel spelled out.
  5. Hmmm not really feeling it too much, it looks a bit like a duffle bag, dont really like the straps, have you seen it IRL?,
  6. i've seen this bag but in a cerf style. It was beautiful! i was thinking of getting it for my mom too. i think you can kinda see it the picture its on the bottom shelf, gotta look carefully hehe
  7. yeah... not for me... it does look a bit like an overnight or travel bag.
  8. not crazy about the bag, i saw a lady in her early 50s carrying it and thought it was more a mommy bag since it looked really suitable on her than on me... not a fan of huge spelled out logos too and this bag is a reused design from its previous designs. nothing fabuleux IMO, might as well wait for something better and more worth the moola spent!! ;)
  9. not so sure about that shade of blue
  10. ahhh its very rare for us to not totally encourage a purchase lol, but I agree, its just not the nicest bag I have seen :smile:
  11. i'm not too crazy bout it
  12. it doesnt really scream out to me.....
  13. i was eyeing this after after i saw it from the photos other TPFers posted earlier! love the blue! saw it in store just now but in black so the blue is great! dont like the size though, prefer the smaller one, which is a bit square
  14. [​IMG]

    hmm....i'm not too fancy abt the bag! I will not get it:heart:
  15. sorry not crazy about it either