To buy or not to buy - cotton club

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  1. ok ladies, i need your opinions!

    so on feb 17th it's Saks associate discount & we get an extra 20% on top of the 30%!!!! i went to look at the chanel's & they have the cotton club pochette which is super cute, i :heart: the chain!!!! it's $795 but with the 30% it would be $556.50. and i'm pretty sure chanel is included in the extra 20%- they haven't said otherwise- it would be $445.20!!! so i'm not sure if i should get it?!?! it's so cute-but what color, they had black and like an off-white..hmmm i don't know what to do. i wanted to get a pair of loubition's(sp?) help me out!
  2. what is this discount? Can the rest of us get it???? ;) ;)
  3. Wow what a great discount! go for it!!
  4. i went to look at them again, so i put one on hold, but i def have to sell one of my bags i dont use
  5. uuum, YEAH!
  6. lol swanky, the more i think about it the more i have to get it... but now im not sure what color, they had like 4 colors, black, an ivoryish metallicy, ummm a color i didnt like lol and tan ?? but i dont think it was cotton club so i think i want black or the ivoryish color... anyone know what color im talking about?
  7. Id get it in ivory!
  8. For that price- GET IT!
    I'd get the black.

    Isn't Chanel always one of the excluded brands? A discount on top of a discount seems almost too good to be true lol.
  9. This discount is only for Saks SA's, I'm understanding?
  10. di0rwh0re33, i would definitely get it if you get that discount!! i love the pearly metallic (i think it's called light silver) or the black.
  11. i thought for sure chanel would be excluded but i asked the SA today and it wasn't on our list they sent us... LV, dior and fendi are excluded

    and yes it's only for Saks employee :sad: i wish it could be for everyone!
  12. What is the first 30% off for? or is the 30% & 20% on top both for Saks sa's?
  13. I would get it for that price. I think I would get a lighter color for Spring.

    Let us know, and post pics if you get it.
  14. Omg you are soo lucky! You deff have to get the bag rather than shoes. I say get the black.
  15. i'm not sure how it works for the SA's i guess it works the same (i work in the corporate offices)

    the 30% is our regular discount and the extra 20% is a special event they have a couple times a year .. so it works out to be like 44% off or something like that

    i can't decide between the black or ivory color i'll def post pics on saturday when i come home !