To buy or not to buy? Coach Mandy Courier

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  1. Hi ladies! I am facing a dilemma at the I buy the Coach Mandy courier or not? It's expensive and I am worried that it will be something that a year from now will look outdated. Or would you consider it more of a classic? My husband thinks I'm insane and he might just be right!
  2. I love, love, love that bag! I don't think there is much from the Legacy line that will look outdated very quickly. The styles, the turnlocks, the pockets are all classic Coach and ought to easily work for as many years as the bag lasts. I don't have the bag, but I think the only conern about it I've heard is that it can be a bit heavy, but a lot of that depends on the person and what you are used to carrying.
  3. I LOVE mine too. I actually have 2 in whiskey and the charcoal suede.

  4. LUCKY!!! So you would obviously recommend them then, eh? I really want the darn bag, but DH keeps making me feel guilty like it's way too much to spend on a bag. I guess I know it's too much to spend, but man, I still want it!! Do you ever find it too heavy?
  5. It is a bit on the heavy side but not out of control - and it is so gorgeous! I have it in black.

    I agree that it's not going to be dated anytime soon - it is such a classic style!
  6. It's a classic. I think you will be able to carry it forever, if you carry big bags. I will always carry a larger bag for work, even when small bags are in style - they will just go in my larger one.

    So if that's true for you - GO GET IT!
  7. I love it and i think it will never go out of style.
  8. love it but too heavy for me! i have the ali and when that is full, it's like almost 10 lbs!
  9. I LOVE that purse!!!!! I was actually considering getting one for myself as a Christmas present!
  10. I think it's gorgeous! And yes, it's a lot, but the quality and size of the bag makes up for that. I agree with the other ladies here as well - I think this is a very classic style and I think any of the colors will work well for years to come!
  11. Hi! I am bumping this thread so we don't have to start a new one....

    I am REALLY interested in this bag but I am unsure how it would look on me....I wonder if it would be too overwhelming?
    Can you all post pictures wearing this bag? Otherwise, I would also love to see your bag if you don't have a pic wearing it!

    Thanks sooo much!

    Any pros/cons? I really want a piece from this line before it is gone...!
  12. good idea ! i would like to see pictures of the mandy on someone shoulder .

    cha cha
  13. i think if you love it, get it...the one thing about coach is this...if you tire of it you can always sell it on ebay...since coach bags hold up so well, people on ebay tend to pay well for, i'd get it and if you tire of it in a year, sell it on ebay (then buy yourself another great bag!)
  14. i want it. dont' know if i love it, but i think i may need it for now....
    i agree with the ebay thing
  15. I think it's fantastic. And even if purse styles end up going a bit more simplistic in a couple of years you can put it away and things will come around again and it will be back in style again. It's an instant classic. My willis is the same way. Coach has a way of making beautiful timeless bags, and this is one of them.