To buy or not to buy : Cartier Ballon Bleu SS


Jan 24, 2006
So, I've been interested in this watch for a while, and now with the new reveal of the gorgeous SS Large Ballon Bleu today:graucho:, I'm getting pushed over the edge. I WANT it, but question is should I get it? I have enough watches to wear, and not sure the new watch will get the used as much as it deserve?? I'm interested in SS Medium size.
Do you have any pro or con of this watch? Any opinions or can you convince me it is a bad decision to get this gorgeous watch???

I own these watches so far, I don't think I own anything similar to Ballon bleu...

-Cartier Pasha C SS with Purple leather strap
-Cartier Tank F small size SS x YG
-J12 33 Black with dia bezel
-J12 38 White with dia marker
-Rolex SS 28
-Rolex YG 36 president
-Hermes Clipper chrono SS x Orange
-Chopard Happy Sport with pink leather

Any thoughts will be appreciated~


Nov 25, 2007
Get it! I'm contemplating (seriously) the new titanium J12 when it debuts in June.
And this is some of my watch collection:
SS Cartier roadster w/pink face
SS medium Cartier automatic ballon bleu
white plain 38mm J12
black w/diamond markers 33mm J12
ladies 2-tone rolex w/diamond markers
ss mid-size rolex w/roman numbers
rolex air king
Not to hijack your thread - but do you think I should do another J12? I'm a watch addict!