To buy or not to buy Balenciaga First Bag?

  1. iI've been eyeing on the balenciaga first bag in Ivorie but my concern is, as I've heard a lot of feedback on the color transfer and hard maintenance. So dont know whether to buy or not?:confused1: Does the handles get dark easily? can I use apple garde repellent to prevent it? Anyone here owns one and care to share your experience with me? :smile:
  2. I have an Ivory Coin Purse(apple guarded). Ive been using it on and off. Its still in great shape. No fading, no colour transfer, not dirty(mind u i have sweaty palms). But its after all still not a bag. Maybe someone else can help u out..
  3. I have an Ivory CP too... around the zipper it's a tiny bit yellowish. But I love it just the same :love: Not sure about color transfer from blue jeans or colored clothes, I keep mine in my bag.
  4. You can see a few of my bags in the photos below, and although I do not have a white or ivory bag,I do have many 05 BG Pink, and one 05 White Mini Coin Purse. I have used Apple Guard on all of them and none have gotten dirty, faded, or darkened handles.
  5. deana: your bags are gorgeous and look in mint condition. what type of apple guard product to you use?
  6. i hate to say this but colour transfer to happen especially when you're wearing dark denim!! and handles do darken, maybe it's just me, not really taking care of my bbag! :sweatdrop: i just ordered appleguarde! will try it to see if it removes the stains!
  7. I had a Natural City, which I sold b/c I wear a lot of jeans and the color would come off and rub onto the corners of the bag. I'm thin and I can fit the handles easily over my arm and onto my shoulder, but I like to carry it in the crook of my arm and it would rub on the waistband of my jeans. Or I would carry it by the handles and it would rub against the leg of my jeans. I didn't always want to carry it by putting the shoulder strap on because it's not my favorite look with the City, but that looks pretty sexy with the First.

    I was always worried about where to put it, how to carry it to keep it out of harms way, etc.

    I had to clean it all of the time and I just didn't feel I enjoyed it because it was so high maintenance.

    My BFF has a light bag and it is dirty looking, but she isn't bothered by it and carries it all the time anyway. I'm not like that.

    I'd say go for something a little darker than ivory, but not necessarily black . . . I have a Juane Brief and i love it! I have carried it plenty and it looks fabulous.

    Good luck!
  8. I've never owned a white/ivory color bbag, but I have bought white/ivory colors in other brands and have learned my lessons--I would have to agree with BohoChic they're difficult to take care of in terms of keeping them clean, EVEN AFTER applying various leather protective sprays. I only buy whites and ivories in patent leather now. When it comes to lighter-color bag/pastel-colors bag, I've found that Ferragamo does a really good job keeping their leather low-maintenance. Also, LV's Epi line whites are great too.
    Good luck!
  9. Well, I guess I've got to skip this color as I wouldnt want to be constantly worried about all above issues also. Thanks for all the comments:tup:
  10. I have a friend that owns a white first. It isn't as pure as it once was (it was handed down from her mother after much use) but I think it has aged beautifully. She carries it pretty nonchalantly, too. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous; the contrast between leather and hardware is beautiful.

    By the way, I think has an ivory first for around $700.