To Buy Or Not To Buy - Azur Saleya PM

  1. OK, I have it in my darn shopping cart. Just can't seem to hit the button to go ahead and buy it! I might have to stop by the boutique to try it on. I am just trying to justify buying it...
  2. Since you are having doubts, I would stop by the boutique and check it out.
  3. why not check it out irl first? make sure ya're in love with it first (:
  4. Yes.. Please check out in IRL.. I was stuck on GM or MM. Since posting the pics which everybody requested, leaning towards what I have now..
    It's gorgeous! Good luck!:yes: :flowers:
  5. Check it out but having the regular Saleya PM I'd say go for it! It's a great bag!!! :yes:
  6. Definitely go see it first. The only downside to going to lv in person is you just may walk out of there with something you never planned on getting! I got the speedy 30 azur, well actually my husband bought it for me before I ever saw it in person. I think it's pretty and feminine. I really wanted the saleya pm azur, but this is a gift from hubby, so I'm happy. Have fun in LV!!
  7. it comes in the Saleya PM...did not know...
  8. If you get rid of it..let me know I was thinking about that one;) :flowers:
    I too haven't tried it on either:sad:
  9. Definitely try it on first...good luck!
  10. I tried the MM on in the store and it's really pretty!! If you can wait - you should definitely try it out!
  11. I say try it out - then you can always get it right then and there if they have it in the store!
  12. I'm trying to decide whether or not I should get it, too! :P I agree with everyone else, try it on first and then decide. :yes: I think it's beautiful, but I'm going to see if it looks good on me IRL before I decide.
  13. you must try it out :smile: for sure you will love it :smile: its gorgeous
  14. i'm also planning on getting the Saleya MM but is it better handheld or can I wear it on my shoulder? :yes:
  15. Another TPFer in the visual wore it 3 different ways and she is 5'7":yes:
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