To buy or not to buy an Alexa. That is the question.

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  1. Well it looks like I will indeed soon be the owner of a beautiful ink Alexa thanks to the fabulous angel31 who is needing to rehome said bag! I'm so excited! I think I may have scared my boyfriend out of the house due to my excited hopping about :smile: Happy, happy, happy!
  2. Enjoy your bag!! Ink is very pretty IMHO, one of the best colors for the Alexa. Having had blue bags in the past, I've found them shockingly versatile.
  3. aw thats great news so happy for you
  4. Congratulations! Enjoy it!
  5. Great news! Congrats and remember to come back and do us a reveal xx
  6. Don't worry about not getting a reveal. I'm so exited about getting it. I can't wait to post it on here :smile:
  7. Congrats! I can't wait to see it, as I am on the fence regarding Alexa myself. All I need is a little push....
  8. Hi Sakura miyagi! Great news that you have sourced ink Alexa :tup: I love this style and find it so very usable. I have 5 regular at the last count and am lusting for the OS now!! Ok, Elvis, I owe a reveal :smile:
  9. I am so happy for you that you found what you wanted :smile:
    alexa is joy and happiness.
    Looking forward to your reveal :smile:
  10. So pleased for you! Not long now... :biggrin: