To buy or not to buy an Alexa. That is the question.

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  1. So, I've been hankering after a regular sized ink Alexa for months and have yet to find one. This would be my first Mulberry purchase and I need the bag to be durable for every day use. After reading about the quality issues that have arisen with the Alexa, I'm wondering if I should look at other bags that may be more hardy.

    I feel that I've developed a slight fixation with the Alexas and I'm unsure about going down the route of purchasing another type of bag. For fear that I may regret it.

    Could you recommend any other Mulberry bags for me to look at? Also, are the quality issues as common as the interwebs would have me believe?

    Thanks in advance ladies :smile:
  2. I have 4 alexas and adore them- but I would say they are not everyday sturdy bags- I rotate my bags and dont carry a lot in the alexas when I use them as they arent workhorse bags designed to carry a lot or heavy items- if you want a practical bag for everyday use stick to a classic bays or if you prefer to wear on your shoulder and dont do hand held bags then a mitzy or daria- good luck in deciding
  3. Sometimes when it comes to falling in love with bags, all rhymes and reasons will be thrown away....just buy it (if you can find one) and don't think too much!
  4. I think alexas are ace but I agree with Elvis. If this is a bag you want to work hard everyday then alexia is not the best choice. If however you are buying it as a second bag then it will be perfect for lighter use.

    And Elvis! Wow at 4! What have I missed? I know you have ol and black, which others have you bought? Well done you! Xx
  5. have had ink and oak for quite a while too!!
  6. Fabulous! You must be the leading alexa expert and collector on the board then I think! It is a great style and I love mine. I can totally see why you have gone for them xx
  7. Teddies has 4 too- the same 4 as me I think!! It was a bad start (awful MW oak one) for me and then a slow burn but once I got know me- think Im about done for now- unless they decide to make one in oxblood soon!!
  8. It is a really wearable style. You and Teddies have both done very well! Xx
  9. Do you have any tips for increasing the longevity of your Alexa? I think I'm going to end up getting one and then starving myself for a month or two to get a nice oak bays since they do look more robust.
  10. Lol, Sak, you are a girl after all our hearts. I like your diplomatic thinking. I admit I am very careful with my alexas, I don't overload them ever. I think that would the key advice to not straining them. Plus, as Elvis said, mine don't get used all that often as I rotate my bags. I should think you will be fine though if you get a bays as well. You can rotate alexa with bays and use bays if you are having a 'heavy load' day. Bays bags rarely have issues with breakages and rips etc so you covered for all events that way. Xx
  11. Totally agree- alexa is fine as long as you dont overload it with heavy items- it probably would be ok to use regularly as long as you dont put too much in- but I like my bags to last so rotate and replenish with cream often - plus I dont know how well the alexa leather would stand up to regular use so Im not taking the risk- NVT is much harder wearing- so horses for courses- if you are the kind who will want to move it on soon when you get bored then go for it- but if you want a bag to last for years and still look good ,as I do, then I think alexa needs babying to last but only my opinion
  12. I have the regular ink Alexa and I love it.
    I don't carry a lot in my bag and also as a SAHM don't use it all the time.
    I think used like this it will last for a long time. So far so good, it has no scratches from use and no problems anywhere else.
    I say, go for it!
  13. I love the alexa right now and really want one too! For me, the only problem is finance! As long as you look after it, it will last!
  14. I love the look of the Alexa, and confess I have a bag crush on the black Alexa, but I too keep balking at the idea of spending $$$ on a design that can't hold much more than a wallet without threatening the integrity of the bag (sadly there are a number of reports that the bags are not holding up).

    With regard to other styles that are similar to the Mulberry Alexa, the first that come to mind are the Bayswater and the PS1 (Proenza Schouler). Mui Miu also has a deerskin bag this fall (available on Net a Porter) which is much slouchier than the pics depict, and IRL reminded me of a very large Alexa.
  15. Do any of you have experience with the tweed Alexas? Are they holding up better than the leather? I keep coming back to the powder sparkle tweed. Is the durability problem to do with the leather or something else?

    Thanks in advance! And thanks for starting the thread, Sakura!