To buy or not to buy a birkin above retail?

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  1. I’ve been looking for a 35cm etoupe birkin with PHW (non exotic) for a while and I’ve just found a re-seller who’s offering a new one for £5,500. I’ve always purchased H at or below retail directly from H or via re-sellers. The £1500 mark up for this bag is giving me second thoughts. Should I pull the trigger and purchase the bag I really want or wait for a more reasonably priced bag?
  2. No way!! Just be patient and wait until the list opens again in July :yes:
  3. PurpleD, I think with patience, you would be able to get an etoupe 35 birkin, PHW from a boutique. Now the operative words in that sentence are "with patience." Is the instant gratification worth the £1500 to you? Personally, I would wait as I can't justify paying a mark-up for a bag, but that's just me.
  4. Mme. de la Paix - Thank you putting a price tag on instant gratification! That's exactly what I needed to hear. And you're right, instant gratification isn't worth £1500!
  5. Ah, that whole "patience" thing. Not my strong suit! My local H in Troy said that their wait list is 4 years (!), and I doubt I'll be a good enough customer (despite my lengthy wish list) to move up the list because the selection in Troy is so limited. But still, I could buy a lot of H goodies instead of paying the markup. Decisions, decisions.....

    Ladies, what's your thought process in deciding whether or not to pay a markup for a dream bag?
  6. I would not do it unless there was just no other way. You would be better off finding a gently used Birkin for less than retail. There seem to be a lot of Birkins around these days. You could take thta $1500 and travel to a store and buy one somewhere else.
  7. ^^ *hits self on forehead* Duh! Chicago is only 4 hours away, and even with today's gas prices I could buy some nice pieces with that markup money. Thanks for the reality check.
  8. I would ask if the seller might take slightly less.......
  9. I would wait to get it from the H store and use the extra $$ for more H goodies. After all, the anticipation and wait is half the fun!
  10. Only if you think your chances are slim to be on a waiting list for an etoupe birkin, then I would suggest resellers. They do charge outrageous markups, but sometimes they're the only ways to get what you're looking for immediately.

    You should assess your probability of obtaining one in the store. Do you have a good relationship with an SA?
  11. I think you should hold out and get one from the H store. The exotics without that is something to consider a reseller! Really hard to find in the boutiques.
  12. I think you can get an Etoupe Birkin from boutique if you wait patiently. In the meantime, you can spend the mark-up price on other H goodies.
  13. My SA said it's relatively "easy" to get an Etoupe non exotic so I suggest you wait for your store to bring in one for you.
  14. this would be a greater gratification to me:yes:
  15. I would not do it. The stores do get shipments more often.