To buy or not buy?

  1. I really love the LV mini lin cabas tanger bag (with initials). I've been thinking about it the whole day. One seller in eBay is selling at 800usd brandnew without tags. I heard that a new one selling in stores is around 1000usd. Is this a good deal, or I should wait for a better deal?
  2. since it is only $200 away from a BRAND NEW one... I would say WAIT... save up the extra money and buy a brand new one from the store... also, this way you don't have to worry that you bought a fake...

    just an idea...
  3. The Tanger retails for $825 USD in stores. I'd just buy a new one from the boutique!
  4. ^^ agreed about the authenticity part.
  5. Really? I am not a US resident. Does that store sell online? Where is it?
  6. yeah... eBay just makes me nervous...
  7. Just call your store, they may still have it.
  8. The last time I saw it the price was $975, it was last year.
  9. Hi John 5
    where is your store? call up our store, they never sell that design.
  10. I would get the brand new one.
  11. don't buy from eBay! buy from elux or LV directly. good luck finding your perfect bag.